INTEGRA welcomes delegations from the Ministry of Youth and the Ministry of Sports to Labe and Kindia

The Youth Socio-Economic Integration Support Program (INTEGRA), jointly launched by the European Union and the Government of Guinea, welcomed delegations from the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Labe and Kindia in June to confirm their achievements. Of the program.

Support systems for young beneficiaries revolve around school grounds, qualified training, life skills training, banking and financial support for self-employed and entrepreneurs.

At Labe, the INTEGRA program was trained through an Enabel agency. 436 Youth Whose 315 Woman In the construction and public works (BTP) and catering industries 70%.. In Kindia 1036 young people Trained in construction and agriculture, including 491 Already working In the fields of steel mills, plumbing and agriculture.

Infrastructure, training system, means of community development

Enabel’s training course lasts nine months and is basically based on a workplace and school approach and qualified training. Learners participate in building community infrastructure and improve construction skills while supporting the development of local communities.

Thus, Labé benefited from the construction of a multi-service parking lot with an area of ​​730 m.2.. The infrastructure employs 40 young people, and after seven months of operation, the city hall has sales of 70 million GNF.

“I was very impressed with the activities taking place in Labe. This program has an extraordinary impact on the economy it was able to generate. The“ business model ”proposed by INTEGRA’s technology and financial partners. Is an example that deserves replication in other regions. »» Youth Sports Minister Lansana Béa DIALLO declared.

As for the city of citrus fruits, Kindia protects many of the infrastructures built within the framework of the INTEGRA program, thanks to its agricultural potential. Yéhwolé dyeing center with an area of ​​750 m2 This enhances the local production of traditional textiles, commonly referred to as “Kenderi”.

“In Kindia, 50% of trained young people are certified after the training course. These young people not only acquire new skills, but also make them available to the community under the INTEGRA program in the Kindia region. Enables the rehabilitation and construction of new infrastructure that has become »».

  • Crysta Verstra Ellen, Guinea’s representative of Enabel.

The INTEGRA program aims to contribute to the start of new dynamics in Guinea’s socio-economic development. INTEGRA is funded by the European Union under the European Union Africa Emergency Trust Fund to prepare for work life at school, build an infrastructure economy, vocational training, create sustainable employment and foster entrepreneurship. Through, we provide opportunities for young people in Guinea.

Thus, through this program, more than 15,000 young people will be directly assisted in implementing this new socio-economic dynamics through support for job creation and entrepreneurship development in Guinea.

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