IOC recommends banning Russians from sports around the world

Thomas Bach, Chairman of the International Olympic Committee, at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing on February 20th.

The Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recommended that Russians and Belarusians be banned from participating in sports competitions on Monday, February 28, after Russia invaded Ukraine.A symbolic but powerful measure, which was also withdrawn “Olympic Order” To all Russian officials, including President Vladimir Putin.

In the press release, the IOC Executive Board “We recommend that the International Federations and the organizers of sporting events do not invite or allow Russian and Belarusian athletes and official representatives to participate in international competitions.”.. The IOC says it made this decision “Protecting the integrity of international sporting events and for the safety of participants”..

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However, on Monday, prior to this press release from the IOC, the International Ski Federation (FIS) announced its desire not to exclude Russian athletes from the competition.

Yes “For organizational or legal reasons”Can’t prevent the arrival of Russian sportsmen, the IOC wants they can’t “Allowed to participate in the name of Russia or Belarus”..

This was done before this communication, for example from the IOC, FIFA, world football groups and even the International Biathlon Union. The latter announced on Saturday that it did not approve. “Representative of Russia and Belarus at the event”, While inviting “Biathlon players from these countries competing as neutral athletes”..

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In the aftermath, the Russian Biathlon Federation has decided to withdraw the team from the World Cup event, “To avoid exposing Russian athletes to the risk of humiliation, and to eliminate threats to their safety at the rest of the stage.”..

At the Paralympics in Beijing on Friday, the question of whether Russian athletes will participate is particularly urgent. On Monday, Julius Butcher, chairman of the National Paralympic Committee, said Russian athletes did not want to attend the tournament. “I can’t imagine a Russian parade at the opening ceremony.”He explained Daiwelt..

Break that traditional neutrality

“When, in a very extreme situation”Implement these measures “It’s not possible in the short term for organizational or legal reasons. The IOC Executive Board will leave it to the organizations involved to find their own way.”Depending on the instance, “Especially focused on the upcoming Paralympics Winter Paralympics [du 4 au 13 mars] »» When “Repeated full support for the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and the Games.”..

The IOC had already encouraged the International Sports Federation to break out of its traditional neutrality and cancel or relocate a sporting event held in Belarus, an ally of Russia or Moscow, on Friday, February 25. .. The IOC considered these two countries to violate the Olympic truce and requested that they not raise the Russian or Belarus flags at international sporting events and that they do not play the national anthems of these two countries.

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IOC welcomed “Many calls for peace by athletes, sports people, and members of the global Olympic community. The IOC specifically praises and supports the call for peace by Russian athletes.”..

Another notable topic is the 2022 World Cup Playoffs. Potential Russian opponents, Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic, say they will not play against them, even if they are lined up with names other than their own. A country proposed by FIFA.

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