It was “definitely” premature to lift the mask requirement, says epidemiologist Eve Buisson.

Eve Buisson, an epidemiologist at the National Academy of Medicine and president of Covid-19 Cell, estimates that he lifted the forced mask indoors in France on Wednesday, March 23. “definitely” March 14th, we were too early “We are dealing with a very important surgeEpidemic.

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franceinfo: Did you immediately remove your mask indoors?

Eve Buisson: Yes, definitely. This decision seemed a bit itchy for policy makers to satisfy most of the masses. However, this decision was made somewhat by the general public as an announcement of the end of the pandemic. However, it is clear that this is not the case. The pandemic is not over, so it is necessary to continue to respect the wearing of barrier gestures and masks as needed, especially for those at risk. They must continue to protect themselves. As long as you are no longer required to wear a mask, you will need to change your doctrine. Wearing a mandatory mask in public was to protect others.

“Everyone took off their masks, so those at risk must wear FFP2 type masks to protect them.”

Eve Buisson, President of the Covid-19 Cell of the National Academy of Medicine

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And get the latest information on vaccinations. Too many people are still at risk of not receiving a third dose, but we are already considering a fourth dose for the oldest.

How would you describe this rebound in the covid-19 epidemic?

There are several reasons. The first is the mitigation of anti-covid measures, which was the main factor announced on March 14, but is expected by the entire nation. Second, the fact that still cool temperatures are beneficial for virus transmission. And the third factor is this variant of Omicron BA2, which is highly contagious and can even infect people who are already infected with Omicron BA1. We are dealing with a very important and very rapid surge, which is definitely underestimated. Don’t be fooled by the fact that there aren’t many new or intensive care units. It happens. We know that there is a gap between infection, pollution, and unfortunately the outbreak of complex forms.

Are we talking about the sixth wave?

This is an important epidemic resurrection, probably confirmed and can be called the sixth wave. Whatever name you give it, the main thing is to know what the cap of this epidemic surge will be. Will it reach the limit by the end of March, or will it go further, as the Pasteur Institute predicts? Perhaps it will settle down in April and May, the weather will improve, and virus circulation will generally decrease. After the summer, we are still unaffected by the new surge. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the coverage of vaccination and maintain personal protection with FFP2 masks for those at risk.

Is the release of vaccination wrong in your opinion?

We were very late for an important decision. The vaccine pass is a very good decision recommended by the Academy of Medicine since May last year and was only applied in January when the Omicron wave came down. If you apply the decision too late, you say it didn’t help much, because it’s very slow to apply.

“The principle of the vaccine pass was, above all, to encourage people to be vaccinated, but the margins for those who have not been vaccinated or who are at risk of not being vaccinated for the third time are still very high. It’s big. That’s our concern. “

Eve Buisson

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These are probably those who are the target of hospitalization or intensive care and will cause serious morphology in the coming weeks.