Italy has achieved great feat by winning in Wales

The Italians finally won the Six Nations Tournament and 22-21 in Cardiff.

A real thunder struck at Cardiff at the end of the afternoon on Saturday, March 19th. The Italians ended 36 droughts without a win while Ireland and France fought a close battle for the final victory of the Six Nations tournament in the Stade de France.

Seven years after defeating Scotland 22-19 in Mariefield in 2015, Squadra Azzurra was able to relive his tournament success by winning in Wales. Surprisingly, Italy defeated Wales 22-21.

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At most leads of the match, especially thanks to the iron defense, the Italians saw Wales overtake them on the 69th.When 1 minute when Josh Adams recorded the team’s third try. Two minutes after the hour, Leak XV was leading 21-15 on the scoreboard.

60 meters throw

The moment Angel Capuozzo of Trans Alpine Ria chose to try everything in recovery from his camp. At the breakthrough 60 meters later, he shifts the winger Edoardo Padvani, who departs for the promised land, and flattens behind the post to facilitate the work of his opening half, Paolo Garbisi. I was careful. It goes through a victorious makeover in front of Paul.

At the end of the match, the third line and Italian captain Michele Ramaro couldn’t believe it with the BBC’s microphone:

“I can’t believe it. I’m with my family and teammates and I just want to celebrate together. It was worth it so I worked hard to get here. And for us this is these It’s the last step in Six Nations, but the first step in a long process that’s just getting started.

Welsh coach Wayne Pivac, who ended up in fifth place in the tournament, acknowledges the benefits of his opponent but hasn’t digested his defeat. “The Italians arrived here more enthusiastically than we did, but we should have won this rugby match anyway. Make sure you check all of this and make sure you learn from it. (…) I improved during the tournament, but today I betrayed myself. »»

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Therefore, Italians avoid adding new wooden spoons to their collections. Virtual “rewards” are promised to teams who lose every match in the edition of the tournament. Above all, they offer themselves an honorable victory when their presence at the table of the best European countries is at stake. Azuri had just lost 36 times in a row in the tournament.

Italy asks in tournament

Questions about Italy’s position at the Games are regularly discussed, but this year is especially noticeable as all other nations have more or less strongly demonstrated their ambitions to win the event. “All teams can consider winning the tournament, except Italy.”Declared Fabien Galthié, the coach of the French XV, before playing against Italy at the start of the tournament.

“Obviously we are hearing criticisms about our position in our team and tournaments.Then recognized Michelle Ramaro. But we are a new team and we strive to be passionate about this competition. »» A month and a half later, this prestigious success on Cardiff’s lawn seems to be the best response to their critics.