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The Nazionale This Thursday night, we will return to the World Cup playoffs in our first duel with North Macedonia in Palermo (8:45 pm). Obviously, I don’t want to know the second non-participation in the World Cup, which is a painful memory for Italy, who plunged into the darkness five years ago at the end of the same exercise, and proved to be historic.

For several years on the web, there are many animated GIFs that are more eccentric to each other, decorated with the message “Oh, go here again” (in VF, “and go here again”). In most cases, they express a kind of fatigue when the problems we thought they were filling up again pollute our healthy environment. It’s a bit like what Italy experienced on November 15th.Following the fall after a bad draw in Northern Ireland (0-0) Azzurri Turned out to be moody, the Italians had to decide to go through the playoff box again in the hope of seeing Qatar. The titles of European champions gathered in Panash at Wembley this summer did not immunize the band led by Roberto Mancini, who returned to the wall again. Needless to say, after 1958 and 2018, the new World Cup, which lacks the best European countries on record, will be tainted.

Relieve pressure

Historically, there are European kings who have not been invited to the world’s football festivals. Czechoslovakia in 1976, Denmark in 1994, and Greece in 2006. Italy doesn’t want to complete the square more than jump. return. Based on the strength of the euro victory by developing exhilarating games and the invincible record of 37 games without defeat established between October 2018 and October 2021. Nazionale I did everything to make his Tifosi forget the nightmare night of November 2017, and it worked. This double confrontation lost against Sweden affected the bomb and left scars on most of the men in attendance. Verratti is the first, PSG’s “Little Owl” will do everything to prevent history from repeating. “I can’t afford to be excluded from the World Cup.He confided at a press conference. We are used to playing under this pressure. We have to think about working well on the pitch, not waiting for us. (…) There is a lot of pressure and something to lose, but we can’t afford it. »»

Not considering the worst is what Roberto Mancini has been telling his men since arriving at Coverciano, the National Training Center in Italy. The same story from the side of the President of the Federation, Giuseppe Gravina, Repubblica This Wednesday, the coach’s fate did not depend on his eligibility for the World Cup. “He lost the match in the last 40 years. I extended the match before the European Championship. (Editor’s memo until 2026)On the contrary, Italy’s victory was not clear. If you got that penalty against Switzerland in Rome, you wouldn’t talk about it. (…) Only the madman connects the consequences of politics and sport. »» Translation: If Italy does not see Qatar next winter, Mancini will not be kicked out. However, if you are not alone, you need to darken the pictures that were previously drawn with the ease of use of the master.

Beware of overconfidence

Many believe that North Macedonia, traveling without Elif Elmas (pause) and Goran Pandev (retirement), will be formal before the big shocks in Portugal and Turkey, but Italy All stops must be withdrawn. On the other hand, Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini are considered too short physically because they need to compose without many executives. “Hope” If Giovanni Lorenzo, especially Federico Chiesa, has the next round while on the floor.

North Macedonia, on the other hand, has a good habit of going against the forecasts of the last few months. His first participation in the European Championship this summer proves this. His compelling victory (2-1) in Germany a year ago should warn the Italians that the scenario cannot be ruled out. “Our national team is more careful and has more motivation in these gamesI told Goran Pandev at Gazzetta dello sports.. Everyone wants to show a good face to the champion. Balkan’s idea is this: you can beat Germany and then Andorra. »» Italy now has a date with its history: it has never missed two world championships in a row. It’s up to her to force her hierarchy.

Andrea Chazy