, It’s a wonderful rose! -A brief description and notes of the players (Naples 2-4 roses)-Soccer

Head to the knockout stage of FC Barcelona’s Europa League! After the first leg of 1-1, Xavi’s men did not give Naples a chance at Diego Maladona Stadium on Thursday as part of the return playoffs (4-2).

The joy of the citizens of Barcelona, ​​the creator of the big performance in Naples.

FC Barcelona will take part in the Europa League knockout stage! After an unconvincing match on the first leg that ended with a parity score at Camp Nou (1-1), Braugrana was part of the return playoffs against Naples (4-2) at Diego Maladona Stadium this Thursday. I was impressed.

Therefore, a great rose that never trembled today, even after the penalty was converted by Incine. What if the disappointment of exclusion in C1 turns into a great adventure in C3?

5 minutes madness for roses

Roses did not necessarily start as a favorite on the lawn of Parthenopey after 1-1 admitted home on the first leg. However, five minutes was enough for Xavi’s men to prove that the prediction was wrong. Thanks to the Counter Assassin, first of all, it was launched by Aubameyan, tracked by Traol, and concluded by Aruba, who believed it to the end (0-1, 8)! Next, with a genius gesture. Sign De Jong, author of spectacular shots rolled up from 25 meters (0-2, 13th): Feast on the eyes!

In the crowd, Dest was a low shot grabbing the post, and most of the powder was also talked about. Naples approached correction, but was inevitably awakened in the face of the whistling of his supporters. And he could count on the (very) poor appreciation from Telstegen, who was forced to admit a penalty in front of Osimhen after a completely missed outing! Incine was responsible for returning his team to the game (1-2, 23).

Aubameyan definitely puts an end to suspense

How can I restart the game? The faint light of hope actually returned to the stand, especially when Naples pushed for leveling before the break, but did not always succeed in endangering Telstegen. Roses didn’t have the same unpleasant problems, and just before the referee’s whistle, Piku took a break (again) thanks to a great sequence from the corners (1-3, 45)! As soon as he returned from the changing room, he hit Neapolitans with another head.

In the box, Traor-again he-looked for De Jung, who passed the ball between his feet and headed for Aubameyan. With that one-touch shot, I found the top corner of Mele (1-4, 59′)! Later, some local supporters began to leave Diego Maladona Stadium, missing an anecdotal goal scored by Politano (2-4, 87) due to Nico’s mistake. It’s a sad night for Naples, the opposite for roses, and roses are now going all the way …

Match score: 6.5 / 10

Of course, there is little suspense, but there are many sights to see at Diego Maladona Stadium. Soccer is always more fun when both teams are at about the same level. Today, if not, I saw a great game with 6 goals (and what goals!), Not to mention some classy gestures. ..


-Insine completely misses his corner. Aubameyan immediately launches a counterattack and launches Traol. Traol goes up the field all the way before serving Aruba. From the right, left-handed people can easily trick Meletto (0-1, 8th).

-With clearance from Tel Stegen, who has returned badly from the defense, Torres is right behind De John, who seizes the opportunity from 25 meters and scores a great curling shot (0-2, 13th)!

– Osimhen takes advantage of a (very) bad outing from Telstegen to get a penalty. Incine is responsible for returning his team to the game (1-2, 23 days).

-Just before the break, Piku makes a very nice sequence in the area and finally attacks with his left foot. Central defender’s return post (1-3, 45th)!

-Inside the box, Traol looks for De Jung again … Pass the ball between his feet and head for Aubameyan. You can find the top corner of Mele (1-4, 59′) with a one-touch shot of Auba Mayan.

-Niko entangles the brush and loses the ball in her area. Politano regains it and tricks Telstegen in the near post (2-4, 87th).

Player notes

Maxifoot assigned each player a score (out of 10) comment.

Best player: Adama Traoré (8/10)

Constant danger. Despite the penalties earned, Traor has made everyone agree from the first few minutes of the second leg, although not always convincing on the first leg. The ex-wolf made a big difference to his right side before making the first decisive move in the evening, Aruba’s decisive pass after a great comeback. And he didn’t stop there because he was also the one who gave Aubameyan a third goal. La Masia trained players will host a benchmark game with Blau Grana. Replace 75 minutes with: Ousmane Dembl (not)..

Naples :

Alex Meret (4): Meret’s (very) complex match that acknowledged these four goals. If he can’t do anything against what was registered by De John and Aubameyan, the Naples goalkeeper doesn’t seem to be blamed for the other two.

Giovanni Di Lorenzo (5): Quite solid in front of Torres, and despite all causing him some problems, Di Lorenzo rarely accompanies the attack on Naples and is a major disappointment to Elmas. It gave a pleasant feeling.

Kalidou Koulibaly (5): We knew he was more inspired by revival. Very solid at Camp Nou, Koulibaly wasn’t at Diego Maladona Stadium. He rarely got the right tempo, like Traol’s delay at the opener.

Amir Rrahmani (3): A forgotten match for the central defender. At the opener, Rrahmani probably showed more vices to prevent Traol from moving forward, regardless of the method adopted. There is no doubt that De John’s goal was to miss the header clearance altogether.

Mrio Rui (4): For Traor, Mario Rui experienced a real test. The Barcelona winger gave him a big problem with his technique and acceleration, and Napolitan could never find a solution.

Fabin Lewis (4): Interestingly in the first leg, Lewis was constantly overtaken by Barcelona’s midfielder at Diego Maladna Stadium. Replace 74 minutes with: Adam Ounas (not so)..

Diego Demme (4): The complex 45-minute author Demme completely forgot behind Aruba at the opening of the Barcelona score.Replace pause with: Matteo Politano (6)Be very careful until his goal at the end of the match.

Eljif Elmas (5): Zielinski’s decisive passerby on the first leg, this time Elmas lost his duel with Alba, so few right-wingers in Naples were seen. Despite all, he made up for it by saving some defensive returns.

Piotr Zielinsky (5): Like Elmas, Jielinsky did not show the same level as the first leg. Replace 73 minutes with: Dries Mertens (not so)Who couldn’t get the chance to make a difference.

Lorenzo Insigne (5.5): An entertaining match for Insigne that got off to a very bad start in this completely missed corner, scoring ahead of Braugrana’s murder counter. But he made up for it with a wonderful deep opening for Osimhen, who was later penalized … converted by the Italians. Replace 82 minutes with: Andrea Petagna (not)..

Victor Osimhen (6): He tried his best again, but he rarely accompanied him. Therefore, alone on the front line, Osimhen nevertheless took a penalty in his first period and fell into some interesting situations. Replace 74 minutes with: Faouzi Ghoulam (not so)..

FC Barcelona :

Marc-Andr Ter Stegen (4): His (very) poor appreciation has almost revived Naples. Telstegen admitted an unavoidable penalty at this bad exit and was unable to face Politano at the end of the match. Then, when Naples pushed the last moment, the German goalkeeper caught up.

Sergino Dest (6): With great performance on the right, Insine rarely fails. Unfortunately, we often saw him project himself. This is an image of this grazing shot that grazing the post in the first period.

Gerard Pic (7.5): Very good pic today. Perfect for a long game, the central defender offered himself the luxury of scoring just before the break with a great sequence from the left. Before that, he also saved his people with a perfect tackle in front of Osimhen 2-1.

R. Alaho (5.5): Alaho, who had a deep understanding of Osimhen’s perceived penalties, was not as reassured as his understanding of central defense today.

Jordi Alba (8): Alba is not a clam. The left back proved the match on a match-by-match basis, reminding him today that he scored in an incredible run on a counterattack. He is also behind Piku’s goal, with the cross deflected by a Naples defender.

Frenkie de Jong (8): Another person who may have claimed the title of Best Player. Shining in the midfield, De John silenced Diego Maladona Stadium with a spectacular curling shot from 25 yards. I also remember his mischief of letting the ball pass between his feet at the goal of Aubameyan.

Sergio Busquets (6): In the armchair, Busquets quietly spoke the score in the midfield. However, physically he started to struggle in the second half and was replaced in the 62nd minute. Gabi (not)..

Pedri (6): Pedri didn’t have to force his talent today because it’s always so valuable to build the game and keep the ball. Replace 75 minutes with: Nico (not)The author who lost the ball at Politano’s goal.

Adama Traoré (8): See above.

Pierre Emmerich Aubameyan (7.5): After a hat-trick against Valencia (4-1), Aubameyan confirmed his current very good shape against Naples. From the start of the match, Aruba scored a goal for him who launched a counterattack, and it was he who finished the suspense after the break with a nice shot with one touch. Replace 75 minutes with: Luuk de Jong (not)..

Ferrn Torres (6): Performance for Torres, who couldn’t solve the efficiency problem on the first leg, despite everything being mixed. Winger had the opportunity to swing the net again, but with no success. However, he raised a big problem with Napolitan on the left, and although the back heel seemed to be aimed at Aubameyan, he ended the game with De John’s decisive pass. Replace 81 minutes with: Riqui Puig (not)..

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Naples 2-4 FC Barcelona (Middle: 1-3) -European League-1 / 16 Final
Stadium: Diego Armando Armando Maradona, Naples-Referee: Sergei Karasev, Russia

Goal : L. Insigne (23rd place, pen) M. Politano (87th) Naples-Jordi Alba (8th) F. Daejeon (13th) Piku (45th) P.Aubameyan (59th) FC Barcelona
caveat : P. Jielinsky (56th), Fabin Lewis (62nd)For NAPLES- Gavi (90 + 4th)FC Barcelona

Naples : A. Melet ―――― A. Rough Mani, K. Kuri Bali ―――― G. Dilorenzo, Mrio Rui (F. Ghoulam, 74th) ―――― Fabin Lewis, D. Dem (M. Polytano, 46th) ―――― P. Jielinsky (D. Meltens, 73rd) ―――― E. Elmas, L. Badge (A. Petagna, 81st) ―――― V. Osimhen (A. Unas, 74th)

FC Barcelona : Mr. Telstegen ―――― R. Alaho, Pique ―――― S.Dest, Jordi Alba ―――― Pedri (Niko Gonzles, 75th), Busquets (Gavi, 62nd), F. Daeyoung ―――― Adama Traoré (O. Dembl, 75th), P. Aubameyan (L. de Jong, 75th), Ferrn Torres (Riqui Puig, 81st)