It’s starting to smell like a Grand Slam! France leads primarily in the final against England (18-6).Follow and comment on the game with us

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10:07 pm : @Aurel I admit it to you, I felt more stressed when Clermon had previously scored against the lens. There, this French team has an advantage that I’m still waiting for the first thrill.

10:07 pm : Let’s go for 40 minutes! It’s time to take out all kinds of bentrin and paper bags! Everyone is happy in the second half !!!!

10:06 pm : Fabien “La Palice” GalthiΓ© didn’t say much on the microphone in France 2 during the break.“Like. Half-time 18-6 is good. The game isn’t over.” I think all of us could have done the same analysis πŸ˜‰

10:03 pm : Now go back to this second period, and in 40 minutes, the Grand Slam will finally begin! Blues is 18-6Everything is under control!

10:02 pm : Comment from Halftime Guardian: “France is a much better rugby team than England. That’s it!” Everything is said πŸ˜‚

9:59 pm : Did you replay the tricolor test and sign Fiku and then Cross? continue !

(France 2)

9:56 pm : The image of the first era, it is this hand of Francois Cross, escape from the foot forest and flatten the tricolor of the second attempt!

9:53 pm : I don’t know anything about rugby. Looking at the results thanks to franceinfo in Cologne, Germany. Let’s go to a small child! πŸˆπŸ‡«πŸ‡·

9:53 pm : #rugby From Shanghai: Let’s go to the blues! Let’s go to the Grand Slam!

9:51 pm : #rugby I follow the game from Bulgaria and go to the blues

9:51 pm : Call the emergency room tonight to support the bruise !!! It would be great to have a photo, but thanks to Pierre it’s already good πŸ‘πŸ»

9:50 pm : Let’s go to the blues! Support from Boston !!

9:50 pm : From Oslo πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄. Come to the kids πŸ‰

9:50 pm : Oh Lara .. Very far from the stadium .. Full of encouragement from Papeete .. !!!

9:50 pm : I’ve been following a match from Sydney and it’s blues !!!

9:49 pm : Blues supported by Heraklion!

9:49 pm : Not far from Luxembourg, good evening traveler, thanks to Bruce for a great start to the match!

9:49 pm : From FΓΌrth, Germany to France!

9:49 pm : Thanks from Norway to follow the match, thank you

9:49 pm : Again, the French in Montreal are following the game! Come to the blues πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ‰

9:47 pm : Melvyn Jaminet goes through the conversion, Blues is 18-6 In half time! Faced with a British team that recorded seven tries in the tournament (including five in Italy alone), it smells very good in the Grand Slam!

9:46 pm : Try the blues twice! FranΓ§ois Cross picked him up with his teeth and flattened in the middle of the player’s forest with an English goal!

9:45 pm : As always, we’re certainly inaccurate and we have something to do, but we’re leading !!! What do these sad spirits say if we’re above the score? Probably! ??

9:45 pm : I think the blues are very calm! Playing for the title and the Grand Slam against our eternal enemies shouldn’t be easy!

9:41 pm : I think he’s especially targeted for British defense, leaving more room for other players. He managed to get the game up and running quickly.

That is what has been selected as the best player in the world. It’s like wearing a canary yellow bathrobe on the pitch as your opponent’s target.

9:40 pm : Is it wrong to find DuPont returning a lot of balls to English?

9:39 pm : The cute sin of French rugby has always had this repeated flaw in the tricolor attack, even in great years.

9:38 pm : You need to realize the right opportunity. I left a 3/4 ball ahead …

9:35 pm : Little by little, English is building a nest.

9:35 pm : Hey, be careful.Don’t sell bear skin before …. English 11-6 can’t react very much

9:35 pm : English embodies their unusual highlights with penalties. Now after kicking between the two poles of Marcus Smith. It’s been 30 minutes since the game started.

9:32 pm : From πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ, let’s go to the blues! πŸ‰πŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ“

9:32 pm : Come to kids from Texas

9:31 pm : I’m following a Greek match and want an image!

9:31 pm : A spectacular start of the blues !!!! Going to the blues from Spain

9:31 pm : Unfortunately I am in Chad without a photo.Come to a small child

9:31 pm : Go to France from Brooklyn, NY !!!

9:31 pm : @Cdn You saw a flood of English kicks promised by Parents And consort? What is the promise that British coach Eddie Jones will be in the head of the French? not me.

Below is an almost image of the French staff, with Fabien GalthiΓ© playing the role of Hannibal πŸ˜‰

9:29 pm : As Hannibal says at the All-Risk Agency, “I love it when the plan goes smoothly,” that’s exactly what it is for now!

9:28 pm : Go to Bruce !!! I’m in South America and following the match (without images) thanks to comments from France info !!! Unconditional support !!! Victory is within reach! !!

9:27 pm : I’m very stressed, our players are different. It’s very good.

9:27 pm : Melvyn Jaminet recovers 8 points leading to blues with a new penalty. Bruce 8-3, I’m having a quiet night (and I really want to keep it going). , 25 minutes of play.

9:26 pm : @Cdn @Yves Habs has a 5 to 2 penalty, but I don’t think we can talk about one-way arbitration in the same way.

9:25 pm : It’s Puno who has an English screen and is sanctioned … see the figure!

9:25 pm : That’s it, we’re starting to be torn apart by professional British arbitration …

9:20 pm : Fortunately, the TV lounge is far from the bedroom !!! A great start to the French game!

9:20 pm : Reduction of English score with penalty, Blues is 8-3,The 20th. You find that a quarter of the game is already over!

9:17 pm : Melvyn Jaminet misses the corner makeover, but so far nothing has ruined the Tricolor Night. On the 16th, it is the British who take the blue tide.

9:16 pm : What did I say to you! Gael Fickou attempts after an attack that wiped out English across the width of the pitch. This is Winger’s attempt to be closed by the center and is a sign of the diversity of the hub. This is a great pass from Romain Ntamack, exposing the defense to the wind and allowing Fiku to play against the XV Dela Rose like a flower!