Ivenepoel, Quartararo, Hamilton, Djokovic … Sports Weekend Tops and Flops

Opinion- Liege-Bastogne-Liege’s Remco Ivenepol winner, PSG’s curious coronation … Discover the top and flops of Figaro’s sports division.


Iga Sifion, the boss in an elegant state

I can’t stop Iga Sifion! The undisputed number one in the world won four consecutive tournaments on Sunday at Stuttgart’s Clay Court. The 20-year-old Poles has won 23 consecutive victories in all competitions (including the French Open) after winning Doha, Indian Wells and Miami this year, and is now very popular in the French Open Grand Slam tournament. .. .. (May 22nd-June 5th). With art and manners. Poles wipe out everything on the road. The latest victim. World No. 4 Arina Sabalenka was out of class (6-2, 6-2) in the final in Germany. The new queen of tennis said in our column this week she said I never imagined I was the best in the world “. Today’s ancient history …

Remco Evenepoel brilliantly comforts quick steps

22-year-old Remco Ivenepol rejuvenated a little more on Sunday when his teammate, world champion Julian Alaphilippe, was kidnapped by the classic cyclist Liege-Bastogne-Liege Doyen alone. Despite the severe fall of August 2020, Ivenepoel, who promises a great fate for the whole country, has taken over the list of Belgian victories from Philippe Gilbert. The Belgians have all agreed to a violent start at the summit of Côte de la Redoute. Behind him, the group was placed at the foot of the last hill, Rocheofocon, with the most frequently led tracking by the previously ubiquitous Bahrain team. “”I had a chill on the way“Ivenepoel was very impressed on arrival and talked about the applause of the masses who consider him a genius since his demonstration in the junior division and his sensational debut in the 19-year-old elite. When he won the Classica San Sebastian. ..

Beautiful double shot of Fabio Quartararo

Frenchman Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha) easily won the MotoGP Grand Prix in Portugal on Sunday ahead of his compatriot Johann Zarco (Ducati Pramac) at the same points as Spaniard Alex Rins (Suzuki). Leading the world championships. “”Apart from Friday, it was one of the best weekends of my career.“, Estimated by Fabio Quartararo, World Champion of MotoGP.”I felt very good on the practice lap this morning, but I was surprised at the speed during the race.This is my favorite song“He admitted that he had spoken about the Portiman route (the route that had already won in 2020). Quartararo dominated the head and shoulders of the race and finished more than five seconds earlier than Zarco, who started from pole position. ..


Djokovic is still very far from his highest level …

It is very rare for the best in the world to make a 6-0 concession in the decision set. Especially in the final. And on charges of blasphemy, Andrey Rublev of Russia brought a bubble to Novak Djokovic in his hometown of Belgrade in front of 8,000 fans devoted to his cause. But “ Knoll He was still smiling after his defeat (6-2, 6-7, 6-0). He knew that he had run out of his last reserve in the second set of tiebreakers and had run out of battery in the last sprint after winning the previous three games in the straight set. Due to their stubborn refusal to vaccinate COVID-19, Serbs missed much of the beginning of the season, including the Australian Open and the ATP Masters 1000 in Miami and Indian Wells. His lack of competition clearly explains his big mistake in the final set. Faced with the top 10 members, he displayed the current limits. .. His record in his truncated season is very poor (currently five victories against three defeats). There is still work for a guy with 20 Grand Slam titles. With a view to Roland-Garros (May 22nd-June 5th), where he defends the champion, he has one month left to regain his status-worthy level …

Lewis Hamilton, Stations of the Cross

The 7th World Champion was eager to leave Imola, and we can understand it. Lewis Hamilton, who was modest 13th and dominated the race behind Pierre Guthrie, couldn’t compete for the top 10 while his teammates finished 4th in an equivalent car. .. This inevitably calls. The Mercedes leader, who was stunned at the end of the Grand Prix, seemed to be really influenced by this situation. Difficult day. I’m going to the factory tomorrow, but there’s not much I can do. I just try to stay positive. And the news is not encouraging. His Mercedes will be the same in Miami in two weeks, and we have to wait in Spain to receive improvement. The 44th galley season.

The surreal atmosphere of Parc des Princes for the 10th title of PSG

Home party? Not in Paris. After losing to Real Madrid in the Champions League, Parisian Ultras continued its protests on Saturday. As announced before the meeting, they cleaned up the tarpaulins and left the stand in just over 15 minutes. To celebrate the title better … At the foot of Virage Autuil outside the stadium, it definitely creates a surreal scene that travels around the world. If their anger is understandable, then their demands, at least in most cases, are wrong. A little as if the discord within the CUP created an essentially imperfect measure due to the lack of consensus. In any case, the players are only reasonably grateful and understandable. They are not the only ones. The date you missed. Note that players could not be honored, limited to timid thanks from the central circle, and Messi took the lead and immediately returned to the locker room.