J2: Leclerc is the fastest, Red Bull is the difficulty

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc set the fastest time on the second day of the winter test in Barcelona on Thursday, with Monaco finishing at 1.19.689 at the top of the timesheet. He is ahead of Pierre Guthrie’s Alpha Tauri and Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren.

Behind the scenes, George Russell, Carlos Sainz, Sebastian Vettel, Sergio Perez, Nikita Mazepin, Alex Albon and Guanyu Zhou closed the top of the penultimate test in Barcelona.

Broken Red Bull

In the morning, a Red Bull driven by Sergio Perez of Mexico broke down (gearbox), forcing Max Verstappen’s teammates to secure a single-seater at the end of the truck 40 minutes before lunch break. Therefore, the session was interrupted by a red flag for more than 25 minutes so that Marshall could pick up the RB18 and return it to the pits with a tow truck.

In the afternoon, Perez was unable to board the truck at 2 pm as soon as the lunch break resumed and had to wait until 4:30 pm before seeing the RB18 again on the Catalan truck.


Broken hearth

The beginning of a complex winter test for the Haas team who again encountered reliability issues on Thursday. Teammate Nikita Mazepin was unlucky in the afternoon if Mick Schumacher completed 66 laps on the VF-22 in the morning. In just nine laps, he had to secure a single-seater to the end of the truck for fuel. Pump failure. It stays in the garage for over an hour before you can get back to the truck. To be on the safe side, on the first day of Wednesday, the American team completed “only” 43 laps.



At Ferrari, Spanish Carlos Sainz completed 71 laps before the lunch break and started the day with the handle of F1-75. In the afternoon, Charles Leclerc of Monaco took over and set the best time of the day at the end of the day, just before attacking the last hour of running. In this second day of testing, there were no issues reported by Ferrari.


Alfa Romeo

In Alfa Romeo, Valtteri Bottas spent a complex morning with only 21 laps of the clock, and Finns spent most of their time in the garage. In the afternoon, Bottas was replaced by young Chinese Guanyu Zhou, who made his official debut on Thursday. Fortunately than my teammates, Zhou was able to complete quite a few laps (more than 70 laps).


Alpha Tauri

At AlphaTauri, Frenchman Pierre Guthrie was driving the AT03 in Barcelona this Thursday. No problem reporting for him, he was also the most productive driver today with over 130 laps of the watch. He finishes the day in the second fastest time.



In Alpine, Frenchman Esteban Ocon was driving the A522 on Thursday, the penultimate day of the test in Barcelona. Norman had a productive day of over 120 laps, despite spending a lot of time in the garage in the afternoon.



Today, Daniel Ricciardo of Australia was driving the MCL36 in Barcelona. Ricardo, the author of the best time before lunch break, continued the program in the afternoon and completed more than 120 laps without any problems.



Among the active world champions, Lewis Hamilton started the day with the steering wheel of W13 and completed 40 laps in 4 hours. After the lunch break, Briton George Russell controlled the silver single-seater and was able to run 60 laps without any problems.



At Williams, Alex Albon started his work day on Thursday, with Thais running 47 laps before lunch and teammate Nicholas Latifi completing more than 60 rounds in the afternoon. Again, there are no issues to report.


Aston Martin

At Aston Martin, Lance Stroll of Canada was on the track in the morning and was able to complete the program in 55 laps at the AMR22 counter. After the lunch break, four world champions Sebastian Vettel controlled AMR22, finishing the day with 6th fastest time and 74 laps.


Times of Day

pilot time Tower
Charles Leclerc 1,19,689 79 79
Pierre Guthrie 1,19,918 147
Daniel Ricciardo 1,20,288 126
George Russell 1,20,537 66 66
Carlos Sainz 1,20,546 71 71
Sebastian Vettel 1,20,784 74 74
Sergio Perez 1,21,430 78 78
Nikita Mazepin 1,21,512 42
Alex Albon 1,21,531 47 47
Guanyu Zhou 1,21,885 71 71
Nicholas Latifi 1,21,894 61
Lance Stroll 1,21,920 55 55
Mick Schumacher 1,21,949 66 66
Esteban Ocon 1,22,164 125
Valtteri Bottas 1,22,288 twenty one
Lewis Hamilton 1,22,562 40