Jean Castex believes it is “necessary” for Emmanuel Macron to be reelected

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8:49 pm : “For four years, we have done everything to bring the Socialist Party back to normal and arrive with a level of credibility that will allow us to be the first one in this election.”

“Today there is a real difference that justifies supporting Anne Hidalgo’s candidacy.”Declared by franceinfoOlivierFaure, the first secretary of PS.

8:44 pm : TF1 News guest, Prime Minister Jean Castex, seeking a vote for Emmanuel Macron confirms that Emmanuel Macron will implement pension reform “as soon as possible”If re-elected.

7:08 pm : Are you planning to vote for the presidential election? Your testimony is of interest to us. If you explain the reason for your abstention and agree to take a picture of franceinfo, please contact us at the following email address: [email protected] Please provide contact details. thank you.

7:04 pm : President-elect Emmanuel Macron, a candidate for reelection, “Allow all cohabiting couples to reduce taxes as if they were married or in a civil partnership.”.. This will allow common law partners to file taxes together and be considered a single tax household. What will this measure change? Fabien Jannic-Cherbonnel acquires shares in franceinfo.

6:57 pm : “I’m not going to be cruel, I didn’t describe it that way, but the President of the Republic shouldn’t say it from time to time, I say he’s not vaccinated I think that, I also think [à ce qu’il a dit] About unemployment.

Almost a week after the interview “Legitimacy” Senator Gerard Larcher, elected without a campaign, gave France’s Blue Normandy his position and ensured he was in him. “The responsibility to say that the campaign is not just a kind of upset to hold an election, but an opportunity to raise a subject and raise a question.”..

6:21 pm : According to our daily survey, National Rally candidate Marine Le Pen is widening the gap with her tracker. The MP is recognized as 30.5% of the voting intentions behind the retiring President Emmanuel Macron (+0.5 points). At 13% after Jean-Luc Melenchon, Eric Zemmour (10%, -1 point) and Valerie Pécrès (10%, stable) are now on par. Marine Le Pen, a candidate for the National Rally in the presidential election in Montrouge (Hauts-de-Seine) on March 15, 2022. (THOMAS COEX / AFP)

09:58 : “The debate over whether Petan saved the French Jews began a few weeks ago. It’s completely daunting.” Dominique Sopo, president of SOSRacisme, a guest of French Amfo, is a candidate “The best features of the French Republic” Wear more “Problem of equality”.

09:13 : “I have no particular praise.” For Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, I believe in Marine Le Pen. “Our own leaders don’t always behave like heads of state, so I think it’s great when others do.”, She added. Find all presidential news directly with us.

08:56 : “To save on RSA costs, we suggest limiting foreign RSA to those who can prove that they have made a five-year full-time conversion in France.”Introducing Marine Le Pen at franceinfo. Emmanuel Macron has announced that he wants to condition this income with minimal activity.

08:45 : “My priority is the purchasing power of the French. We compensate [ce choix] At the cost of immigrants, fraud, agency costs, such as McKinsey costs. “

Candidates for the National Union are guests of franceinfo. She wants to reduce VAT on gasoline, gas and electricity to 5.5%.

07:53 : “Today, many of the working class have accused them of quitting because of their way of life, still driving a car, and at some point using diesel (…).”

At the French Inter, PCF candidates claim to support the working class of energy transitions. “type” Their purchasing power.