Jean-Luc Melenchon called on voters to “moral responsibility” and “social choice” as the first round of the presidential election approached.

Jean-Luc Melenchon gave a speech at Place de la République at the end of the

It was a demonstration of power aimed at revitalizing the army and persuading undecided people to come and form with him. “People’s Union Front”..At the end of his “March for VI”When “Republic”, Sunday, March 20, France (LFI) candidate for disobedience to the presidential election in April, Jean-Luc Melenchon thus “French rebuild themselves” Thanks to his social project, tens of thousands of people have gathered at Place de la République in Paris. The organizer will increase the number of participants by 100,000.

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Twenty-one days before the first round, “rebellious” candidates slipped into the clothes of the next Republic’s main opponents while being given a third or fourth position in the voting forecast.He wanted to persuade the ballot ” effective “ The left will bear his name in the next polls on April 10th and 24th.

Call for “moral responsibility” of voters

This march of LFI candidates from Place de la Bastille to Place de la République, along with what took place in 2012 and 2017, helped strengthen the candidacy of the radical left-wing tribune. The threshold for access to the second round seems to be lower, but Melenchon thinks it’s not too far from the second round, but he voted 19.58% in 20174. It became the place.

Therefore, Jean-Luc Melenchon “Moral responsibility” Left-wing voters. “Don’t hide behind the differences between leaders. It’s up to you to make the decision. Don’t hide! »»He chanted.

At the end of the

“By choosing a popular union in the first round, you are making a social choice. Yes, this vote is a social referendum, you have been warned!», Jean-Luc Melenchon claimed to have spoken to abstainers who could change the fate of the election.

Defense of social projects in the face of Macron’s record

The voter’s social choices must be made specifically in the face of Emmanuel Macron’s project. As an example, to show his big difference from the retiring president, Mr. Melenchon at the age of 60, even against the 65-year threshold defended by the head of state, or even his vision of a public school. Defended retirement.

“Rebellious” leaders also blamed Macron for certain measures of his five-year term. “22 Laws That Affect Freedom” Also “Destruction of Labor Law from 2017”..

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He also called for some action “Social emergency” Blockade of basic necessities prices, increase the minimum wage to a net of € 1,400, free public transport during the current inflation period, etc.

“This is the time of the Sixth Republic.”

His intervention was clearly an opportunity to return to the constitutional amendment project he was trying to carry out when he came to power. “The time for VI has comeWhen Republic. This is the work of the members’ meeting, not the work of a small committee of experts.Made of, ” People who are never elected “He explained.

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“It’s another rule of the game, writing an incentive to reinvest in the life of the country.”Believing it was and said “rebellious” “Citizens’ Initiatives Thanks to the referendum and the referendum, an opportunity to promote two ideas: both institutional stability and the possibility of permanent intervention by the public.”..

Compared to 1958 and the beginning of VWhen Republic, “There is another Frenchman there.”more “City”, “Connected”, “People who are proud and happy to be creolized already”Bouches-du-Rhone’s adjutant, according to him, assured that the need for this reform was justified.

In front of the media, at the beginning of the afternoon, Mr. Melenchon said: “There is something in the air”, “The second round is approaching.”..

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