Jean-Pierre Rafalin announces support for Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron is registering for the presidential election with a new rally from the right, when he has not yet declared himself a candidate for his succession. Former Prime Minister (2002-2005) Jean-Pierre Raphalin announced that he supported the next President of the Republic. Wednesday morning with LCI’s microphone..

He is the head of state “The youngest and most experienced candidate” When “International affairs remove all hesitation” About the need for “Gather behind the heads of our executives”..

Rafalin insists on his decision while the issue of support for the presidential election is being raised:

This is my deep conviction. This five-year term will arguably remain one of the most difficult in our history. Governing France has always been difficult, especially there. In my opinion, the president has fulfilled that task. I want his candidacy, so I support him. International affairs are particularly threatening, but Emmanuel Macron is the youngest and most experienced candidate and rare.

Valerie Pécrès “has no political line to confront the far right”

Those who left the Republican Party in 2019 but maintain a relationship with their rights justified his decision not to support the former party’s candidates. “I thought a lot about this subject because of my consideration and affection for Valerie Pécrès, but the dangers of today’s international situation remove all hesitation.” Before adding, he said: It’s time for the unity of the people. We have to get together behind the heads of the executives. »»

According to him, the president of the Ile de France region “There is no political line to face the far right. For safety, anyone who wants a dam on the far right should vote for Emmanuel Macron.”..

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Jean-Pierre Rafalin” today [le] fight [d’Emmanuel Macron], It’s peaceful, but election debates must exist. “.. “He must find time to discuss what is needed while assuming his role as head of state and chief of the army.” He continued.

For the rest of the presidential election, the former head of government is behind the majority right wing embodied by Edouard Philippe and his party, Horizon. “I support the efforts of my friend Edouard Philippe, who is confident in building a new centre-right.”He said.

The support of the former Prime Minister was immediately welcomed on Twitter by Aurore Bergé, President of the LRM Group of Parliament. “I’m very happy to find Jean-Pierre Rafalin by our side in this presidential election.”..

Criticism of relations with China

In particular, it is suspected that Fabien Roussel, a candidate for the communist party in the presidential election, has fallen into the hands of the Chinese government because of his ardent remarks on China after blaming him. “Make someone pay” for “Parent Chinese lobbying”Rafarin protected himself on February 15 with French information about an acquaintance with Beijing. “I have never received a salary from Chinese authorities or companies.”

“The four presidents of the Republic, Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy, Francois Hollande and Emmanuel Macron, have given me an official mission with a pledge to support French companies. […] [en tant que] Special representative of China. This mission is voluntary and has multiple consequences. “He insisted and blamed “Bad and blunt remarks”.

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