Jordan Valdera prepares brave peace with Eric Zemmour’s voters

Invited to the “Great Debate of Values” on Tuesday night, RN’s acting president praised Eric Zemmour’s qualities and convened his voters at the rally.

Hands stretched out as a finale. Many tenors of different sensibilities on the right have promised to participate in the “Great Value Debate” on stage at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center in Paris this Tuesday night. The turmoil organized by the Weekly Values ​​Current and the Association Les Éveilleurs d’espoir set the ambition to compare visions and highlight the differences between the different presidential stables Les Républicains, Reconquest, 20 days before the first round! And the National Rally. Without speculating that it is the peace of the brave man that actually begins to be sketched there.

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If the exercise takes more verbal continuous turns than the verbal one “Great Debate”, Minister Marleine Siappa, former MP Marion Maréchal, unsuccessful parliamentary candidate LR Eric Otti, and in particular two presidential candidates Valerie Pécrès and Eric Zemmour, respectively, were able to comment. Doubts about the tastes of nearly 4,000 people, mostly made up of 30-year-olds who are considered conservative bourgeoisies, will not last long. Whatever speakers are successful with each other on the platform, “President Zemur” Recited by the crowd, it served as the main background music throughout the night.

Therefore, a kind audience for the young messenger sent by Marine Le Pen, Jordan Valdera. But he chose everything because of what he had to tell them at this crucial moment in the presidential election. While Eric Zemmour struggles to recover in polls, candidates for the National Union are more likely to play Emmanuel Macron in the second round each day. “I didn’t come tonight to flatter you or show you that I’m the most conservative. No one would believe me.”Attacks the MEP invited to end the event at 11:00 pm.

Reconquest! After the champion’s performance was over, in front of a somewhat abandoned audience, RN’s acting president sent an unusual praise to the essayist: “I followed the author, the talented debater he was in. […] At Eric Zemmour, there was a difference in approach and strategy. In this campaign, we faced these differences. Severe words were exchanged. On either side, that is the essence of the campaign. After recognizing “Dynamics that cannot be denied” Regretted him behind Eric Zemmour “Strategy leading to 15%”, Jordan Valdera has worked to clearly reach out to his members.Them “Sincere Patriot” He is the one he says he shares essentials.

“Reconstruction, 2027, I don’t mind. My subject is to save France in 3 weeks. This requirement is not the best place to qualify for the second round today. Candidates I’m telling us to support, but to defeat Emmanuel Macron […] Our worst enemy is time. He got up from the room with a big applause. Collection instructions that are unlikely to be followed before the first round. But who is already preparing the second.

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