Jubiler case.Here are six reasons why justice does not release Cedric Jubiler

Here are six reasons why Cedric Jubiler did not leave prison despite his fourth request for release.
Here are six reasons why Cedric Jubiler did not leave prison despite his fourth request for release. (© Laurent Derne / Actu Toulouse)

The Guidance room The Toulouse Court of Appeals’ decision survives and is signed.This Tuesday, March 22, 2022, she just Reject Cedric Jubiler’s request for releaseFourth since his imprisonment in June 2021.

Furious, his lawyer calls the Viguier case

While Police drone And the sky striped Cagnac Cremaine (Tarn) Just as the lawyer filed his case, a 34-year-old plasterer remains looking for the body of his wife, Delphine. Prison cell confinement at the Seysses Remand Center (Haute-Garonne). Indicted for murder of spouse.

This is 6 main reasons He stays behind the bar for the time being. To the regret of his lawyer who summoned a media case in Toulouse this morning to oppose this decision.

# 1.cell phone

Delphine Jubillar I wanted to get divorced. She was spinning a great love with another man who had been dating for six months at the time of her disappearance on the night of December 15-16, 2020. The relationship between the two spouses is deteriorating. Delphine criticizes Cedric’s “Bidochon’s way of life.”

For the investigator, Cedric Jubiler saw his world collapse in front of him.He couldn’t take himself to lose his wife, and it The main motives of their eyes-jealousy, fear of abandonment- Proven crime scenes and bodyless incidents.

# 2.Little Louis testimony

The sons of Cedric and Delphine said: Violence and battle scenes “at the base of the tree”The night when my mother disappeared between my parents around 11:00 pm. This is the last time I see him alive.

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Current, Louis testimony, 8 years old, It weighs heavily on the balance.He just slept in the middle of the show skit France has an incredible talent, Just before 11:00 pm, when he recognized the dispute. The child gets up, spontaneously makes noises to interrupt the traumatic scene, senses the footsteps (father or mother?) Heading to his room, and runs back to bed. Then he falls asleep.

The “scream of horror” heard by two neighbors around 11:00 pm on the night of Delphine Jubillar’s disappearance weighs heavily on this file. (© Laurent Derne / Actu Toulouse)

# 3. “Cry of fear” heard by two neighbors

Around 11:00 pm Jubiler’s neighborThe house is only 100 meters from the couple’s unfinished pavilion. Go out to smoke At his front door.She then perceives “Barking dog” When “Women’s cry”.. Her daughter joins her at the end of the movie she saw together at TF1. Back to the Future 2..

Military police take this exit 11:07 pm depending on the timing provided by the channel.. 11 year old girl She also recognizes these “screams of horror”, Comes from outside the house. This item is useful for researchers in the Toulouse Research section.Hypothesis of degenerate marital controversy..

Was Cedric Jubiler surprised that his wife sent a message to a man who wanted to start a new life? the Last contact between two lovers The date is 10:55 pm. Text from Delphine.

#Four.Results of expertise

Some expertise is still underway In that case. While waiting for their conclusions, according to an angry explanation provided by his lawyer, Mr. Cedric, the Research Office believes it is premature to release Cedric Jubiler.that is At the end of the hearing, Alexander Martin, Emmanuel Frank and Jean Baptist Allary.

These expertise is particularly relevant to:

  • Hypothetical Traces of hair and blood In the car of a friend of Cedric Jubiler, the car that seems to have carried the corpse of Delphine. The gendarmerie blue star was not definitive. However, the presence of body fluids is noticeable to researchers.
  • the Broken glasses According to Delphine. A branch was found under the sofa in her living room, and she was sleeping because her couple was sleeping apart. Did they break during a violent episode, or were they simply “unclip”? This is what this expertise is trying to establish.
  • The Duvet cover By Cedric Jubiler. This bed was washed the night Delphine disappeared. Why is her enthusiasm for cleaning up when her wife has just disappeared? Experts are looking for traces of fluid from young women.
  • the Psychology and psychiatry expertise Of the plasterer. A new expert has been appointed. The first expert was raped a few months ago, but hadn’t gone to see a young man in jail yet.

All the conclusions of these expert assessments need to be known. By the end of May According to sources familiar with the matter.

#Five.Conflict with his fellow prisoners

Assumption Confession From Cedric Jubiler to him Corsican fellow prisoners, Is one of the big mysteries of the incident in the privacy of the isolation ward. Her husband, to this man who was supposed to be released from detention, Contact SeverinTo move his new companion, his wife’s body?

“Marco” was tracked by SR gendarmerie during multiple meetings with his 40s.The latter is Provided a photo of Delphine’s lover and his addressTo move the nurse’s body from, to near her house Montauban (Tarn-et-Gallonne) And thus blame him. At least that’s police theory.

After this episode, Severin was released free of charge after being detained by police for 40 hours.from Large-scale archaeological excavation I had surgery for 3 weeks in the suburbs of Cagnac Burnt farmfrom Cemetery When Solar power generation field, Close to Jubiler’s house. wastefully.

These excavations were resumed last week with the use of drones.

# 6.Contrary to public order and morals

This is one of the most important elements of this type of file. If Cédric Jubilar was released and the incident was reported in the media for 15 months, Risks that violate public order and morals ??

Craftsmen received regularly while still big Death threat On social networks. His first lawyer, Mr.When Allary also stood up against this situation. What is it today? On the other hand, if the prime suspect for the murder of her wife was outside, Potential risk of intimidation of witnesses ?? In any case, the Research Office believes that is the case.

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