Jubiler case. Neighbors testify: “It was a woman’s cry, a cry of fear.”

Witnesses live about 100 meters from the Jubiler couple's house. She heard tonight on December 1, 2020
Witnesses live about 100 meters from the Jubiler couple’s house. Tonight, December 15, 2020, the day of Delphine’s disappearance, she heard “a woman’s cry, a cry of horror” after 11 pm. (© Laurent Derne / Actu Toulouse)

The journalist marched to his house Cagnac Cremaine (Tarn). She has never received them.Stay 100 meters away like a crow flies From JubilerThat 50 year old woman Did not choose his role as Important witness In a criminal case. She is suffering from it. Carry it like a burden.

A night plagued by his conscience

I heard it for the first time on December 17, 2020, that is 48 hours later The disappearance of Delphine, She was auditioned again in mid-January 2022 by the Toulouse investigative judge in charge of the case.According to our information, what she says about celebrities A night plagued by his conscience The back is cold.

That night she is watching a movie with her family with her husband and two daughters Back to the Future 2 Broadcast on TF1.Around 11:00 pm she Go out to smoke At his front door. “I took the cigarette and lighter out of the kitchen counter. I wasn’t wearing a vest,” she explains to the investigator.

A crisp, chilly, long-lasting cry

But it’s cold outside First night of curfew Nationally for the Covid-19 pandemic. As with other places, it is prohibited to drive from 8 pm to 6 am the next morning on the turn (unless there is an exemption). Her 11-year-old daughter comes to find her.Then the two women both perceive A sharp, chilly, long-lasting cryTear the night.

Investigators time stamp the scene thanks to the teenager’s remarks.The latter was at the end of the movie, at commercial time, with fans of “Doc” and Marty McFly. Back to the Future 3..So he Very precisely 11:07 pm It depends on the chain. And this is the only real certainty that the gendarmerie depends on.

The couple’s son explains the scene of violence

This timing is essential (see box).According to the elements collected by SR of ToulouseThe last message exchanged between Delphine and her lover that night was at 10:55 pm. The man who just took off his clothes and sent the photo wishes good night. She kisses him.

Next ? I barely slept, A little Louis Jubiler stands up after hearing his parents’ claims.He describes the sceneFight at the base of the tree.. He made a noise to show his presence, and slipped back to bed for fear of being scolded, hearing footsteps approaching his room.

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“Women’s cry, horror cry”

Clearly recognized by the two women, their strength and duration are unusual, and these cries are supported by the investigators. Hypothesis of degenerate marital controversy.. Disturbing chronological consistency. Her neighbor, first alone and then with her daughter, unfolds her story in front of the gendarmerie.

“They were women’s screams, they were clear and came from outside [des habitations].. They weren’t choking. I also heard a barking voice (for the record, Jubiler has two Shar Pei, an editor’s note). I took two steps and leaned a little, but not much. I’m scared of dogs. I thought two dogs were fighting and this woman couldn’t separate them. What surprised me was the lack of lyrics. They screamed. Cry of fear. “

Jubiler’s neighborWitness a woman crying on the night of Delphine’s disappearance

“Battle between dogs”?

She believes it This sequence extends “between 5 and 10 minutes”.. At least such is his perception and is definitely distorted upwards. Shocking scene Take it with internal organs. If she stayed in her living room, would she hear them, or would these screams ask the investigators? “Absolutely not. The shutters are closed and the TV is big enough. My house is well insulated with double glazing, like all new homes in the neighborhood.”

She identifies their origin: an area very close to her home, Small perimeter including Jubiler Pavilion.. In the midst of that moment, she looks for rational explanations (dog-to-dog fights, their overwhelming mistress), hesitates, and doesn’t know how to react.

“At that time, I wanted to warn my husband and get in the car for fear of dogs and see what was happening. Some animals were barking, and one of them was barking. Like when you crush his tail. It was painful. I’m very scared of spiders. I scream when I see it. This woman was pushing like this fiercely It was a cry of horror. Finally, we listened, talked to our daughter and told her: “Now we’re going home, mom is too scared” … “

Jubiler’s neighbor

“I felt a lot of guilt.”

Why did you mention this scene the day after the gendarmerie knocked on the door?Neighborhood survey ??Don’t have it right away Warning for emergency services ?? Witnesses have a hard time expressing it in words.

“I didn’t have the courage to go see it. I felt a lot of guilt [de ne pas l’avoir fait] “. That night, Delphine Jubillar disappeared. It never gives any signs of life.

Timing issues for defense

Cedric Jubiler’s lawyer does not offer the same reading of his neighbor’s testimony. And point out that they are considering ambiguity. The woman claims that Back to the Future hero Marty smoked when she “played the guitar on stage.” The famous enthusiastic solo of Johnny B. Goode’s Michael J. Fox by Chuck Berry.
However, the scene was broadcast on TF1 “from 10:52 pm to 10:56 pm,” according to Me Emmanuelle Franck and Jean-Baptiste Alary, according to the “Approximate Slots” provided by the channel. Unlike the beginning and end of the program, there are many cuts in the ad and certain sequences are being edited, so it cannot be established accurately.
If the neighbor smokes at the beginning of the sequence broadcast, the cry she hears “immediately after” is not Delphine Jubilarr’s cry, as the defense suggests. The nurse is currently exchanging text messages with her lover. For the little Louis Jubiler, he says he slept in the middle of a sketch of the amazing talent of M6 Shola France, which aired from 10:55 pm to 10:59 pm. “This makes it impossible to respond to an attack on Delphine Jubiler, whether these screams are from her husband or someone else,” slices Me Frank. ..
If there is a scene of violence, it can only start around 11:00 pm. Therefore, it was proved that there was a girl with her mother at 11:07 pm, and hearing the same crying was an important factor in this special criminal case. “The gendarmerie tries to artificially change these famous screams to support their treatise,” guarantees Me Frank.

Cedric Jubiler will know tomorrow. Cedric Jubiler, who claims his innocence, was held in a cell at the Remand Center (Haute-Garonne) in Says on Tuesday, March 22, 2022, and his fourth release request was made by the Toulouse Court of Appeals.

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