June “Reader’s Topic”: What kind of place is it for women in sports?Answers and customer feedback

It was her own (tri) athlete Lelia Le Moss who proposed this month’s “reader’s topic” to the editorial department in June 2022. “Women’s place in this men’s world is in sports, training and competitions,” she said.

Republican Yonne Therefore, I went to meet several Witnesses who could shed light on this subject (the full file will be found in our paper edition on Thursday, June 23).

Tyce progresses with a team of boys

Thaïs Lanvin, 13, played all-season with the Stade Auxerrois U13 Men’s Team (in addition to training with the AJA Stade Auxerrois U18 Women’s Team) after spending four years with the All Women’s Team.

“We can see that boys are at a higher level. Physically, they make more progress than girls,” explains the fourth high school girl. “In the game, technically. In terms of speed. In terms of aggression, it’s much more aggressive than it was a year ago. And mentally: I’m less likely to let go than before. I’m with a boy. I grew up mentally together. “

Her father, Bryce Lanvin, confirms: He has seen his daughter evolve this season. “It’s huge. She really played with the boys and went through the plateau. In addition, she soon came across a group of really very very nice boys who accepted her as a player rather than as a girl. Penalty, everything. The boy asks her to take it. It still shows her some kind of confidence they have. There is never a pass refusal. She’s going to hit the corner … “

Tyce will join Dijon and Dijon FCO’s Sports Research section in September 2022.

At school, competitions are mixed

When college and high school students play sports at UNSS, most often in teams and mixed, especially on Wednesday afternoons.

“From 6th grade, the students know that. Badminton, as soon as you start cross-country, you have to have girls and boys. I get the impression that the message is well communicated,” UNSS Yonne said.

“Often girls aren’t focused on competition at all,” said Anne-Laure Lucantonio, a professor of physical education and sports at Champs Pleasant University in Sens. They like to spend their leisure time and enjoy a variety of activities, but soon we talk to them about the competition on Wednesday afternoon, they like to stand aside. “

Beyond the UNSS practices chosen by students, it can be difficult to introduce gender diversity in classical PE lessons. Student sentiment can also vary from facility to facility: large or more intimate, rural or urban. Cultural peculiarities also influence the perception of diversity.

Boys are an exception in horseback riding

Photo Lou Daum
It is mainly in the sports field of women, who are men, that must be integrated.
The Vieux Champs horse ball team in Charbuy is one example. “The gender of a” boy “is an anomaly of horse riding. It is the boy who has the right to play with the girl. But most sports are boys’ sports where girls are allowed to play, “explains player Clement Picard. coach.

Yes, there are differences in physical fitness between men and women. “But girls compensate a lot with horse work, this aid, and this regularity, so gender differences are no longer noticeable in the field. In addition, the weight and size of certain men can be a brake. Yes, because when you need to bend down to pick up the ball, you’re better off … “explains Clement Picard.

“I like playing in a mixed team very much. It brings me richer than playing in a women’s team,” slices one of the players, Louise Picue. No one hides the need for the mix to prove itself, almost inducing a feeling of inferiority. “Our girls want to find their place, so they will have to go beyond themselves. We want to tell ourselves. On the contrary, we have boys. I’m playing with boys. But not because I’m a girl. “M Not better than them. “

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