Justin Dufour-La Pointe is the godfather of a young girl

Justin Dufour Lapointe immediately thought for the young girl, despite her emotions, when she stood up to complete her final run at the Beijing Olympics.

“Young girls looking at me at home saw me follow. […] Life is not always easy, but you have to get up, “she said.

In Montreal on Tuesday, she once again showed that the fate of a teenage girl was very important to her by going to Parc Maisonneuve as part of the Fit Spirit Celebrations. About 3,300 teenage girls gathered to meet the gold medalist of the 2014 Sochi Olympics.


The freestyle skier acts as the godfather of the organization and is the role she takes seriously.

“Yes! It’s a responsibility very close to my heart, Dufora Pointe explained. I know how sports changed my life and who I am today. . I am so grateful [mon but est] It’s about inspiring and influencing young people, especially young girls, pushing the boundaries and realizing dreams, whether sports or academic. “

Not just medals

Dufour-Lapointe also spoke before the 10km race and nine 5km waves started in a row. She warmed up with the participants and handed out medals. But when it was time for her to talk about those medals, the tone of the Olympic athlete’s voice changed. In his eyes, they were very secondary.

“I’ve noticed that the goal of FitSpirit is to get young girls to play sports without judgment or competition. It’s just for a” fun “and beautiful experience. And perhaps sports will be included in long-term lifestyle habits. “Athletes who couldn’t explain the organization’s mission more accurately explained.


It is well known that sports play an important role in the daily life of the Dufora Pointe family. His two sisters, Chloe and Maxim, also excel at Canada’s leading moguls skiing at the Olympics.

The youngest, who grew up in an active lifestyle, also shows that his relationship with FitSpirit is well over three years as an event sponsor. She attended a surfing event with her father in 2008.

But it was the presence of two sisters by her that never gave up on the Queb├ęcois.

“My sister, it was like my Fillesactives! They pushed me on the day I didn’t feel like training and motivated me. That’s it, FitSpirit; That’s why they’re healthy. It’s about creating an exercise that really motivates you in a situation where there is no pressure and you can build a good relationship with the sport.

“I noticed that sports are now part of me, but I’ve been there since I was young,” she added.

Justin Dufour-Reflective Lapointe

For the first time in his career as a freestyle skier, Justin du Fora Pointe has not planned for the next Olympic cycle.

More than three months after the trials at the Beijing Games, the 28-year-old explained that she was digesting everything that happened.

“Honestly, it takes time to get out of these feelings,” she insisted on Tuesday. People say, “It’s been a couple of months and we have to move on.” But for us athletes, we prepared for four years. I admit that I’m getting off quietly at my own pace.

After winning a gold medal in Sochi in 2014 and a silver medal in Pyeongchang four years later, he made his third appearance in winter sports once every four years. For now, she doesn’t know if she will try to participate for the fourth time.

“It feels good so far that I don’t have a game plan for the rest!” She exclaimed.

But she knows that if she decides to continue her career, she must make an immediate decision to prepare for the next season.

“There is nothing certain at this point. I haven’t made a decision yet. By the end of summer, I should have an idea.”