Kamala’s annoyance after PSG’s storm qualifying against Sevilla

PSG youth defeated FC Sevilla youth in Round 16 of the Youth League at Camp de Rouge on Tuesday (2-0). Despite his team’s qualifications, Zumanakamara did not evaluate the player’s actions and the start of the fight against the Andalusians at the end of the game.

Heroic at the end of the group stage, PSG’s youth won tickets for Tuesday’s youth league quarterfinals. Qualifying was robbed by Sevilla FC after a suspense match and won thanks to the success of two penalties by Xavi Simons and Sek Umarsane.

The dominant PSG hope faced a particularly aggressive Andalusian team in a game with more than 7 experienced players. Seville defender Diego Jimenez Montano was sent off for 2 yellow minutes before half-time after a foul that gave Xavi Simons the first penalty of the match.

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The Dutch star, who is still at the forefront of the Zoumana Camara attack, has been hit hard and suffered several failures. As the match progressed, tensions increased. Despite their numerical advantage, Parisians remained under threat from the equalizer until Sek Umarsane inflicted a new penalty minutes after the last whistle. The second goal followed immediately and Wilson Odbert was given a direct red card for tackling the ball.

After the match, Ile-de-France team coach Zoumana Camara said, “I wanted to give my team more control in the second period, 11-10.”

General brawl on the last whistle

During the match, a young Andalusian shot helped to increase tension. PSG wants to do nothing to calm the match. Xavi Simons re-entered the mission after qualifying with the youth league quarter-final whistle after Sevilla players aimed for a goal of a celebration that was considered rude.

In a typical crash, I tried kicks and punches a few times, but they didn’t seem to hit. If the educators of the two clubs tried to pull them all apart, it took some time to calm down and return. A sequence that didn’t please Zoumana Camara at all.

Kamala smokes on his player

After a sold-out match at Camp des Loges, the PSG U19 coach shared his frustration despite the team’s good results. His group managed to show tranquility in the face of Andalusian invaders.

“In all the last incidents, we warned them and frustrated me. He said Sevilla was a good team with good players. But the state of mind and Spanish football is that. It’s like, Zoumana Camara explained again. They know how to be an aggressive and trick star, but they continue to be technically and tactically good ball players. Not. We were leading the score so we didn’t have to participate in the game. We had to stay focused on football. “

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And the former PSG defender explains why he didn’t like it. Calm down and connect the engineers. I was lucky to be at home. Had it been done there, there would have been an atmosphere of opposition to the masses and us. So you have to cool the blood and think only about the pitch. “”

In the next round, Parisians will challenge the eighth winner between the Austrians in Salzburg and the Slovaks in Zilina. Xavi Simons will be suspended for this meeting after receiving Yellow against Sevilla this Tuesday.

Jean Guy Lebreton and Loic Tanji