Khan Basket Calvados: The Road to the Elite

Franck Danet, President of Caen Basket Calvados, is also a Certified Accountant and Auditor at Soficom Walter France. Welcome expertise in maintaining his club account: ” My current partner is also a basketball player and his father was the president of Khan Basket Calvados Therefore, it’s a matter of friendship and business for this club, which entered its glorious era in the 70’s and 80’s. Khan is the real land of basketball and has trained famous players, first and foremost Nicolas Batum. “” After the financial problems of the 90’s, we were reborn from ashes like a phoenix for 10 years. Despite the decommissioning of the infrastructure, Nationale 1 has the best attendees and the general public has always supported us. Rejoice Frank Danette.

The new Palade Sport is a club ” Means of that ambition “That is, start with Pro B and join the elite. During captivity, the Norman Club broadcasts the game in an almost professional way, despite its financial complexity as it is a model for free spread. Increased awareness. “” Our business model is different from that used in our department, or in the top two departments. Outside the Covid period, 80% is funded by private funds, or 250 to 300 partners.In addition, a ticket office that works very well »Learn about Franck Danet.

Careful but ambitious

Local companies as well as local companies. “” In the championship situation, it is not possible to target domestic sponsors yet Admit the president. Attendance is restricted due to the dilapidated state of the current hall, but the club will be a brand new sports palace of the future, especially the ” Communicating the value of sports such as coaching to the business world “Before the imprisonment, a meeting was held between Bpifrance, a network of business financial leaders, and DFCG, with the theme of coaching the business world, especially clubs.” The return was pretty flattering. These are things I want to repeat, especially when the reception conditions are optimal. “Frank Danette says.

The history between Bpifrance and Caen Basket Calvados is old: “ Patrice Bégay, Executive Director of Communication and Bpifrance Excellence, gave us an intuition when we were at National 2. Since then, he has supported our rapid growth even during difficult sporting times. This proves the quality of this partnership. Thanks to Frank Danette. Kahn Club was awarded Bpifrance Excellence, a growing entrepreneurial network of public investment banks. According to the president, belonging to the Leaders of Bpifrance community, which brings together the most innovative sports clubs, is also an asset of the Caen Calvados Club. Surf Patrice Bégay’s optimism and dynamism. Having the best ideas often means duplicating other ideas. The shares we can have with people who have the same philosophy and approach to the same sport are always rich. »Learn about Franck Danet. Currently, second in the first phase of National 1, Khan Calvados Club has set a goal to be promoted to Pro B. By nature, accountants are cautious, but that doesn’t hinder their ambitions. Frank Dunnett concludes.