Khan’s American Football: Conquerors intend to surf in American sports fashion

Khan's Conqueror in the field during the first meeting of the season
Khan’s conqueror in the field during the first meeting of the season. (© Khan’s Conqueror)

when Khan’s Conqueror (Calvados) Enter the field without noticing them. If the 40 players that make up a team are of different sizes, everything is guided by this desire to improve and shine the team. “We want our team to be a family above all else,” said Mehdi Hamoud, the club’s four-year president.

At the beginning of 2022, the city’s American football team will begin the season. On Sunday, February 13, she lost to Le Mans’ Cayman Islands (28-2) at her home. I’m not worried about the president. “We have a workforce unfamiliar with this sport for the vast majority of people. 75% obtained their first American football license in September 2021.

Historical club

The club, which is currently in transition, is a historic sport in France. “American football arrived in France in 1982. Our club was founded in 1986 and is one of the first clubs in the history of the country,” says Mehdi Hamoud. It was another name at the time: Pink Panther. Some time later we changed our name to Conquérants. »»

Today, the team is playing in France’s third division, the Silver Helmet. “Champions work on a zone-by-zone basis. There are different pools of 4 or 5 teams to play home and away matches. The first team and the best runner-up in each zone play off in a knockout match. Play. »»

However, the peculiarity of this system is that ascending and descending are not linked to sports performance.

To get the right to discuss potential rises to the next level, clubs must document their health, whether at development, management, or other levels.

Mehdi HamoudClub president

Covid slowed progress

Over the last decade, American sports have been democratized at full speed in France. American football is no exception. “When I took office four years ago, there were 98 licensees. Over the years, we’ve made progress, surpassed the 100 mark, and surfed in such US sports. increase. “”

But the health crisis is there, and like many sectors, clubs are heavily affected. “During this period, many of the club’s veterans jumped on board. Therefore, there is a fully reorganized workforce at the beginning of the season, so the championship did not start until February 2022. Even so, the players started training in September 2021.

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I had to review the basics, teach a new gamebook, and create an automation. American football does a lot to do with repeating the sequence over and over again.

Mehdi Hamoud

“Players are becoming more and more protected”

Obviously, when we talk about American football, the issue of physical risk that players take comes to the table. “I understand this question. It’s a priority for everyone. But we comply with NCAA rules (American College Championships, Editor’s Note) and protect our players more and more. »»

For example, the shelf life of helmets has been reduced from 10 years to 5 years. “A helmet costs 285 euros, which is difficult from an economic point of view. But as a player manager, I am very happy with this decision. »»

This structure does not waste your budget to emphasize its discipline. Therefore, we decided to rent each player’s helmet and shoulder pads for 45 euros a year. This saves you hundreds of euros when empty, even if you don’t like the sport. In addition, the rest of the equipment (knee pads, hip pads, etc.) is resold to players without margins, without some companies robbing themselves. »»

The Conqueror’s next home game will take place at Pomdor Stadium on Sunday, March 20th at 2:00 pm.

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