Killing Federico Martin Aramble: Army, GUD, Ultra Violence … Who is the main suspect, Leuk Le Prior?

A former Argentine rugby player was shot dead this weekend after a quarrel at a bar in Paris. Two men, including Loïk Le Priol, are still being sought after by police.

Of the two individuals desired in the case of the murder of Federico Martin Aramble, Leuk Le Priol Main suspect in the murder of a 42-year-old former rugby playerIt took place in Paris on the night of Saturday, March 19th to Sunday, March 20th. Still runningThe 27-year-old far-right activist was immediately identified as: Suspicious archer.. Looking back on the journey of a far-right activist who is a fan of violence.

Former soldier expelled from the army

According to a StreetPress article, Loïk Le Priol joined the army at the age of 17 after spending several years at Ecole des Mousses.With Navy unitThis weapons enthusiast would have participated in external operations in Mali and Djibouti between 2013 and 2015. Repatriated to France on the recommendation of a military doctorBecause of the state of Severe traumatic post-traumatic stress, This also depends on the medium. But that same year, MarianneHe would have been involved in Djibouti “I hit and strangled a prostitute.”.. An attack that is too embarrassing for the French army? In any case, according to our colleagues, the proceeding was settled by France paying 350,000 dibutifran (about 1,700 euros).

Famous person on the far right

Loïk Le Priol, Union Defense Group (GUD), a super-right-wing French student organization founded in the 1960s. Violent behaviorAutolyzed in 2017.

In 2016, at the age of 21, a former soldier founded him Identity clothing brand “Babto Solid”, Has been successful in the nationalist world. Thanks to his presence in the far-right movement, he brings the brand to life through multiple collaborations and photographs of his T-shirts on social networks.And beyond the membership of his super-right-wing action group, activists were able to weave again, as reported by Street Press. Link with the far right of the more “traditional” France.. Through this brand, he has shown several times a personality that is more or less close to the National Front.

ud83d udd34 Neo-fascist activist and founder of Babto Solid allegedly killed Federico Rumble in Paris on Saturday.

As we have known for a long time @streetpressWe followed his journey and his network to the far right u2b07 ufe0fhttps: //

— Christoph-C Garnier (@ChrisCGarnier) March 21, 2022

In particular, I could see him posing on social networks with personalities like Jean Lome Charbonault. National Rally In Nior during the last local elections in 2020, or Julian Rochedi, Former spokesman for National Youth Front. The latter responded on Twitter on Tuesday, saying “sad for the victims and their families,” and told Internet users “I was hoping that someday I wouldn’t have a friend to do that.”

… How happy we are when we meet an old friend who looks like he is being treated. Then this horrifying information comes out of nowhere. Fighting, alcohol, firearms, leuks get hooked and commit this indescribable act …

— Julien Rochedy (@JRochedy) March 22, 2022

Already a heavy criminal record

According to the information from yet MarianneRoycle Prior Known against justice Due to the act of violence, there will be four references to his criminal record.At the time of the attack on Federico Martin Aramble, a 27-year-old man from 2015 Edouard Klein’s violent attack, Former GUD leader, several people. Ten days after pretrial detention, nationalist activists were released on bail.

From this case, according to every day releaseLeuk Le Prior points to the police station in Draguignan, Var, where he is based, No appearance in Paris.. Therefore, he was already in an illegal situation before the attack on a former Argentine rugby player. He is currently being actively sought afterAnd her suspect’s accomplice, a young woman who was present at the time of the event, was presented to the judge considering the possibility of her prosecution, assassination It was opened and entrusted to the Criminal Brigade.