Kosnufroy, PSG Handball, Clermon, Nice … Weekend Tops and Flops

Find weekend tops and flops selected by Sportsdu Figaro’s editorial staff.


Scottie Scheffler, a natural green jacket

Golf stars remain Tiger Woods, but Scottie Scheffler is arguably the (much) best player on the planet in the last few months. Adopted Texan has won four trophies in the last six months. Domination befitting a forest of great times. In addition, Chefler is the only player in Tiger to win four titles in the same year, including World Championships and Majors. Like Fred Couples in 1992, Ian Woosnam in 1991, Tiger Woods in 2001 and 2001, and Dustin Johnson in 2020, the number one in the world has been respected for his rank. And if he confessed that he was regularly stressed before competing in the competition, he showed incredible calm and full control of the nerves in the ground. He was able to keep the lead really unwavering. Mark of great man.

Racing 92 that controls that nerve

Racingman’s second victory in the Ile de France Derby and a serious choice in the quarterfinals. Laurent Travers players did not experience the same aggressive efficiency in the arena as they did a week ago, but provided Jean Buan (9-22) with essentials. Control everything. Winger Juan Imov wasn’t happy with his return, but Ciel Ebran, who returned to the Top 6 in the Top 14, can calmly approach the rest of the Champions Cup tournament. “”European Cup is a team priority“, Acknowledging the prostitute Teddy Boubiny, and the Eau de Seine Club dreams of the first continental title after failing in the final steps of 2016, 2018 and 2020.

Benoit Kosneufroy, very close to victory

He would have believed it for a while. too short. Benoit Kosneufroy (AG2R-Citroën) remains banned, as did rival Polish Michał Kwiatkovski, even after the sprint began at a distance of 200 meters from the line. At the end of the 110m hurdles at the 1976 Olympics, his index finger pointed to his chest in a position borrowed from Guy Drut. Citroën, in front of the Ineos runner, immediately questioned the unstoppable ruling in the photo. end. The French had to bow. In a breath. After passing all colors, settle in second place. Benoit Kosneufroy, 26, is on the podium for the third time in the World Tour Race of the day (after finishing second in Fresh Wallonne in 2020 and winning the Bretagne Classic in 2021). Crazy day momentum: “It happened little by little. I’m a person who can get things done quickly, which is one of my strengths. It’s a step away from winning, but if you start crying after getting the podium at Amstel, you might want to stop the bike. I was very happy when the winner was announced, but you have to keep things in mind. I am satisfied with the second place. There are emotions when I’m in the box, these are the moments we rarely experience in our careers. Arch’s favorite Mathieu van der Poel (4th) isn’t there. He doesn’t know why he should cry.The next goals of the French are Flèche Brabançonne, Flèche Wallonne and Liège-Bastogne-Liège.

PSG wins 23 consecutive wins, new record series

Paris Saint-Germain was obsessed with Cesson-Rennes, but was able to win 23-30 on Sunday, succeed 23 times in a row, and improve last season’s record series by one unit. .. Last year, Parisian opposed Nantes at his home after seeing a series of consecutive victories stop at 22. They finished the season with one defeat, a draw and 27 wins. Luka Karabatic’s teammate, who defeated Elberm on Thursday to move up in the Champions League quarterfinals with Kiel, is getting closer and closer to the title of the French champion for the eighth consecutive year. With the maximum of 46 points possible, the seven-time French champion is nine points ahead of Nantes, but with only seven games left until the end of the season, he will distribute the remaining 14 points. “”We expected a big opposition, a big physical duel with a player who likes to play fierce handball.And we injured the player and got out of the big battle with Eleverum“After the meeting, the goalkeeper of Paris SG Vincent Germain commented on the microphone of beIN Sports.


UBB and Clermon Sink

Union Bordeaux Bagles admitted their second home defeat in two games against La Rochel on Saturday. After being recognized in the Top 14, the retreat in the Champions Cup (13-31) is more serious as it blames UBB for its feat against Primorskaya. Impossible mission? This unites there as Christoph Urios’ players continue to lose five straight games against Rochelle. Another big slap, what Clermon received for Leicester. Neck to neck during breaks (10-10), Auvergnat succumbed to the power of the Midlands Tigers, who eventually won five tries. With 19 points in the second leg, ASM’s mission to Leicester next Saturday seems impossible. A tough weekend for UBB and ASM …

Nice misses the mark and removes the pin

Black Sunday for nice people. Christophe Galtier’s men had to beat the lens to keep the podium from slipping off. Missed. With a numerical advantage from the 17th minute and the elimination of Haidara, Haidara managed to score and slap 3-0 at Borrart Stadium with goals from Karimend (51st, 67th) and Ducolet (55th). .. Azureans have been unpinned and Lemina and Dante have been excluded. At the end of the meeting, Gartier said, “ We thought we shouldn’t defend anymore, so we allowed 1 goal, 2 goals and 11:10. We didn’t respect the game. We played a lens team made up of competitors.Lens played a nice team of tourists “. Nice remains in 5th place and you can see the podium move to 5 points.

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