Kyiv or Kyiv: Why the spelling of the Ukrainian capital is being discussed

Language-In the age of war, discussing word spelling may seem wasteful, but it’s still true. Since the start of the Russian offensive on February 24, there have been calls in Ukraine for the name of the capital in French to correspond to the pronunciation of Ukrainian instead of Russian. And this detail is important. Because language is at the center of this conflict and constitutes a true diplomatic weapon.

So far, in both written and spoken French, the word used to refer to the capital of Ukraine is Kyiv (pronounced “Kiev”). This form is a script of a Russian city, inherited from the Constitution of the Principality of the 10th century, and from the time the country belonged to the Russian Empire, and to the Soviet Union. The era when the official language was Russian.

However, in Ukrainian, the name of the capital is Kyiv (pronounced “Kyiv”). And since gaining independence in 1991, Ukrainians have wanted to set aside the Soviet name for them, which refers to their Russification. Therefore, in 1995 they adopted a resolution imposing the Ukrainian form of the name of the capital. Therefore, in Cyrillic, write Київ translated into the Latin alphabet in Kyiv.

Political choice, diplomatic weapons

This decision is not easy. It constitutes a real political choice and shows the liberation of the Ukrainians from the Soviet Union and the leadership of Russia’s Fortioli. However, even if the official language is Ukrainian, the majority of the inhabitants have a hard time establishing their position in Russian-speaking Ukraine. This debate is also characterized by a distressed history after decades of oppression, terrorism, and forced Russification under the Soviet Union.

world Between the end of the Soviet Union and 2018, it was reported in February that the number of Ukrainians who speak the official language more often than Russian in their daily lives increased by only 9%. Every day also explained that it is not uncommon to see menus in Russian and English, and not in Ukrainian, at restaurants.

And this actual gap is being used by Russia to justify the 2014 Crimean Crisis and the war that is currently intensifying in Ukraine to make the Donbus region at the eastern end of the country appropriate. .. In these areas where the population is predominantly Russian-speaking, Russians (national) and Russian-speaking (speaking Russian) because Kremlin demands military action to combat the “slaughter” of Russians. Facilitates confusion between.

Therefore, in order to show support for the Ukrainians and condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine, many countries have adopted the Ukrainian form of the name of the capital. For some, even long before the events of the last few months. This is the case in the United Kingdom, which has integrated the Kyiv name into its official spelling since the 2014 Maidan Revolution.

Since then, like the BBC, the English media has continued. The Wall Street Journal, New York Times When Parents Not only that, there is also the Associated Press, an American news agency. The Associated Press all talked about Kiev and no longer talked about Kiev. In France, the Ukrainian forms of some cities such as Lviv and Kharkov have successfully created places for themselves, but for the past few weeks the Russian spelling of the capital’s name has continued: us. Is still writing Kyiv.

But from the beginning of the week, ELLE and the newspaper line seem to be moving release In order to change the usage and help the people of Ukraine, we chose to use the word Kyiv to specify the capital of Ukraine.Drafting world We are currently discussing this subject. HuffPost..

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