Kyiv rejects Russia’s ultimatum to “put weapons” in Mariupol

On February 24, 2022, in Mariupol, Ukraine, Ukrainian soldiers secured a housing complex destroyed by rockets.

Ukraine does not “Don’t lie down on their arms and never leave the city.” Siege Mariupol, Deputy Prime Minister Irina Bereschuk told the newspaper Ukrayinska Prauda From Sunday, March 20th to Monday, March 21st, in response to the ultimatum issued by Russia.

“There is no doubt about talking about surrender or putting down weapons. We have already informed the Russian side of this.”She said. “It’s a deliberate operation, a real hostage.”She added a request.

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Russian Ministry of Defense in Ukraine “Cross your arms” Requested “Written answer” In his ultimatum before 5 am on Monday in the name of protecting residents and urban infrastructure.

“We demand that Kyiv’s public authorities be rational and revoke previously given instructions. It forces militants to become” Mariupol’s Martyrs “at the expense of themselves. I did. “In a briefing announced by the Ministry of Defense, he requested Mikhail Mizintsev, the director of the Russian Defense Administration Center.

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“Cross your armsHe launched. A terrible humanitarian catastrophe has occurred. (…) Everyone with their arms crossed is guaranteed to be able to leave Mariupol completely safe. »»

“The government is doing everything it can.”

According to Mizintsev, Russia and Ukraine have agreed on a route for Mariupol’s inhabitants to reach Kyiv’s territory on March 21. “From 10 am Moscow time (…)Russia has opened a humanitarian corridor to the east of Mariupol and a humanitarian corridor to the west in line with the Ukrainian side. “Details of Mizintsev.

Russian Ministry of Defense “Comfortable bus” Waiting at the checkpoint to transport refugees to several destinations, and anyone arriving in Russia will receive hot meals three times a day and 24-hour medical assistance.

Almost 60,000 “Rescue Residents of Mariupol” Already in russia “Now speak openly about all the atrocities and mass crimes committed.” He assured by Mariupol’s authorities.

The Russian Ministry of Defense spoke to Mariupol’s authorities early in the evening through the messaging app Telegram. ” you [face à un] Historical choice – – Are you with your people or you are with a criminal. »»

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“Occupants continue to behave like terroristsDeputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk replied to Telegram. They say it’s okay [pour instaurer un] In the morning, they bombed the humanitarian corridor and the shelter. The government is doing everything it can. The most important thing for us is to save the lives and health of our citizens. »»

Strategic port

According to local governments, Russian soldiers forcibly transferred about 1,000 inhabitants to Russia and robbed Ukrainian passports. This could be a war crime. Mmyself Vereshchuk told the newspaper Ukrayinska Prauda The children “Kidnapped” At an orphanage. “350 children are forcibly taken to Russia without allowing us to get them back.”She said, asked the Russian authorities to tell them “Which orphanage” They are placed, ” why “.. “It’s terrorism”She repeated.

Mariupol, a strategic port in the southeast that speaks mainly Russian, was one of the main targets of the Moscow attack. Corpses are scattered on the streets of the city, but negotiations between the delegations are ongoing and no concrete results have been obtained for the time being.

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In Kyiv, the mayor of the Ukrainian capital announced that at least one person had died in a strike at a shopping center by Russian troops on Sunday night. Earlier that day, a shell exploded in the courtyard just outside the apartment building, injuring at least five people.

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