La Quinta del Buitre wins the Madrid Community’s International Sports Awards

News articles. February 22, 2022. Rodrigo Salamanca.Photographer: Victor Caletello

Florentino Perez said at the awards ceremony to Michelle, Martin Basquez, Pardeza, Sanchis and Butragueno, “a special award for a group of unforgettable players.”

The Quinta del Buitre At the ceremony held at Realca Sadecoleos, he was awarded the 2021 International Sports Awards awarded by the Madrid community. Butragueno, Michelle, Martin Basquez, Pardeza and Sanchis received this distinction in the hands of Isabel Diaz Ayusso, the president of the community. They presented the 1983 jersey, the first year they played together in Castile. The Madrid community Quinta For “the feat of a generation of unique players who have made national and international predictions over the years, and the ability to change football, introduce modernity and establish itself as an offensive team.”

Florentino Perez, President of Real Madrid, attended the event and said: Quinta del Buitre.. Special recognition for a group of unforgettable players who marked the era of Spanish football and European football.Because of this, today Madridismo In honor of them, I am proud to be able to remember those wonderful 80’s at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. “

“Everyone in Madrid, and lovers of football and sports in general, are confident that they will praise this award to a generation of players who have conveyed their intrinsic value on and off the pitch, in addition to different types of football. This award coincides with their first Riga’s 35th Anniversary, 86th Anniversary, and the five first anniversary they have won in a row.

“Manolo Sanchis, Michelle, Martin Basquez, Miguel Pardeza, Emilio Butragueno are part of the history of our club, Spanish football, European football, and even today they are of our identity. It is a reference. Madridista For many supporters “For many supporters”.

Butragueno: “I will never forget tonight”
“Being in Real Madrid is a deep gratitude for the generosity I have been given. I would like to thank my teammates, coaches, legends and family. I would like to thank Florentino Perez. I think. I was able to continue the dream of Real Madrid. It is a great pride for all of us. It is also a special day to feel Madrid very much. I will never forget it. “

Michelle: “I’m very proud Madridista And Madrid “
“This is a memory of my life. I couldn’t do anything without my teammates, so I would like to share this award with my teammates. I feel very much. MadridistaI’m from Madrid and I’m proud of it. I traveled to Madrid from where I lived to the Academy and the Santiago Bernabeu. “

Martin Basquez: “Thanks to the community and those who remember us.”
“I would like to thank the community for thinking about us and the people who lovingly remember us. I feel very much. Madridista And again very Madrid. “

Pardeza: “This award will continue to be one of the most important things in our lives.”
“I want to thank the Government of Madrid. It’s a collective story beyond five of us. Over time, when we are distinguished, we can only thank you. I’m from Madrid. Not, but I’m here for myself. This award will continue to be one of the most important things in our lives. “

Sanchís: “It’s the most proud day of my career.”
“I will dedicate this award to Alfredo Di Stefano, who made it possible, first and foremost. Quinta get together. It is an honor to receive this award from the community. It’s the most proud day of my career. “

Ayuso: “This generation projected the image of Madrid around the world.”
“Don’t forget the beautiful things that make sense in life. This day is one of them. This is my team. This generation of Madridistas has entered Spanish and European football and has been in Madrid all over the world. Projected an image to reward this unforgettable group of players. Quinta del Buitre Won this award on his list. “