La Rochelle in trance, Nadaru in rendezvous, rotten night in the Stade de France … our tops / sports weekend flop

After a turbulent weekend, find the tops and flops of Le Figaro’s sports editorial staff.

Our tops

Stade Rochelais’ incredible determination

It takes 10 minutes to compete in the intense and indecisive Champions Cup final between the popular and popular Stade Rochelais in Leinster. The Irish lead 21-17. Seven penalties were awarded for the two attempts already scored. Driven by brave captain Gregory Alldritt and his partner. Try breaking the blue wall as they no longer come out from the other side of 22 meters. For nine minutes, Maritimes chained 53 racks, collected 5 penalties, and converted them all into Scrum. Press hard. And when Arthur Letiere returns a bit back at number 9, it cracks. delivery. For the great feat after 10 minutes with apnea of ​​all La Rochel supporters.

Nadaru, the winner of a huge battle, challenges Djokovic

The French Open reserves the right to create an explosive clash in the quarterfinals between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in Serbia on Tuesday. However, it is very likely that the Spanish headliner was lost in the finals before the time everyone expected. Rafael Nadal pushes the limits and overcomes the tough Felix Auger Aliassime (3-6, 6-3, 6-2, 3-6, 6-3) with 5 fierce sets and 4 I needed more than an hour of play. The talented Canadian, who hadn’t won a single match in the main draw until this year, was on the verge of great success against the Spaniards. As a result, the defeat counter remains blocked with 3 Doors Down. ). Only two fingers.

Roland-Garros: Nadal in Paris, his 13 crowns in the photo

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Real Madrid is forever

14 Champions League, 8 wins in the last 8 finals … Real Madrid deserves the title of “World’s Largest Club” more than ever. Meringue, who make up the majority of Liverpool’s finals on Saturday, was given four “deaths” (eight times against PSG, a quarter against Chelsea, and then a semi-final against Citi). It is unique in its ability to defeat. .. “No one thought we could win it,” Carlo Ancelotti admitted his four after Saint-Denis’ victory.e As a coach (2 in Milan, 2 in Real). But is there anything special about this club that never gives up and forces fate? “”Thanks to its history, passion of supporters and the structure of the club, it’s easier to win the Champions League in Real than any other team.“The Italian coach explained.”From the 16th round to today, we have suffered a lot. But we did not plunge morally, Admire Ancelotti. While preparing for this match, I had never seen any tension in the changing room.This incredible confidence comes from the history of the club“. Individual.

Quartararo gets big points and takes control

Two weeks after limiting the damage at Le Mans, Fabio Quartararo performed even better at Mugello. The world champion, who finished second in the Italian Grand Prix after Francesco Bagnaia (Ducati), who was full of revenge, dominated the championship thanks to the big points earned in Italy, combined with the exit from the road of Enea Bastianini. Won. French GP in mid-May. Quartararo, the only driver to finish all the Grand Prix in the top 10, has seen his consistency pay off. “”Consistency is important, but you have to be on the podium“I agree with Canal + stakeholders. Not far from him in Italy, Johann Zarco offers a fourth new place of honor after other regular driver Aleix Espargaro on the grid. Did.

Return to League 1 End of Auxerre’s Purgatory

AJ Auxerre stands up from the ashes. The Burgundians fought to find the French football elite throughout the season and between these two playoffs. The boys of Jean-Marc Farlan, the coach with the most participation in League 1, were better than Saint-Etienne. Auxerrois had to go to the penalty shootout to secure a ticket to League 1. Approximately 10 years after descending to the bottom, AJ Auxerre finally reunited with the French football elite and put an end to his purgatory. Like the Auxerre people, players can’t celebrate the victory because of overflow and are longing to come back to celebrate it.

Jai Hindley Jennifer Lorenzini / Reuters

Hindley hits Giro

Jai Hindley has revenge on the Giro d’Italia. He finished second at the 2020 event and was ranked second on the eve of the finish, the same as future winner Tao Geoghegan Hart. This time, the Australian won the Giro 2022. This is the first Australian victory in 105 editions. Obtained after the actual tour deforce in the Dolomites on Saturday. Expected by his partner Lennard Kämna, Hindley took advantage of the Royal Ranch Light to win a pink jersey that was very important to him. Stolen from the nose and beard of Richard Carapaz in Ecuador, he is the last Olympic champion and winner of the Giro 2019. Three years later, therefore, it’s an elegant 26-year-old Australian and a formidable 9 winner.e Walk towards the blockhouse, which robs you of the victory of your first major career. Before discovering the Tour de France, he dreams of following in the footsteps of his prominent compatriot Cadel Evans, who won the 2011 tour.

Victor Perez’s incredible victory in the Dutch playoffs

Victor Perez unveiled an incredible display to defeat Ryan Fox in the shootoff and win his second European Tour title at the Dutch Open. The French were the authors of four exceptional putts who won the KLM Dutch Open at the expense of New Zealanders. Perez (-13 people in total) first knew how to come back from behind this Sunday and find resources to take part in the final battle. Launched on the final lap of the Bernaldas Golf Club course, Talvis was three strokes behind the leader on lap 17 and the penultimate lap before pulling the putter! Very lively on the green, Victor Perez survived first on the third hole of this barrage against Ryan Fox, thanks to a putt over 6 meters. With impressive concentration, the French were able to win with this boiling hot putter. He investigated Pat from the end of the world (about 12 meters) to win in the next hole.

Our flop

Rotten nights around the Stade de France

Liverpool-The grotesque and shameful sights glimpsed from the pitch on Saturday night before, during and after Real Madrid cannot be ignored. If the Home Office is already targeting the culprit, in this case a British supporter without a ticket, it’s a little too early. Time brings share of the answer, but many young people inside before, during, after, or without tickets are also making things worse. On top of that, outdated filtering modes and nervous organization give a pathetic image of France in Europe. shame.

Black saturday in the blues

No more French in the second week at Porte d’Auteuil. It was nothing more than a surprise, but the announced disaster did not occur. A little comfort. After five days of competition, five tricolors were still alive at the end of the third round. Nearly blue-white-red fireworks for tennis in endangered France. However, at the end of the black Saturday on the land of Porte d’Auteuil, the party ended with a wet crush and five survivors were eliminated without taking a small set against each enemy. The end of the running Hugo Gaston was struck by Dane Holger Rune (6-3, 6-3, 6-3) in the evening session. Diane Parry (exited by Stevens, 6-2, 6-3), Friday, Leoria Jean Jean (excluded by Beg 6-1, 6-4) was overtaken by their inexperience. Injured Alizé Cornet gave up (Chung leads 6-0, 3-0) and Gilles Simon was out of breath and gave up on Cilic (6-0, 6-3, 6-2). There are no French in 16 rounds for the second year in a row. There wasn’t even a third round last year, so it’s not that bad. First … since 1891. A little comfort …

Charles Leclerc Julian Delfosse / Panorama

Ferrari’s strategy ruins Leclerc

Scuderia awakened the old demon. The Italians, who have long been ridiculed by their strategy, have recently corrected the situation. Everything resurfaced on Sunday in Monaco. So, at the forefront, Charles Leclerc encouraged a direct switch from rain tires to dry truck tires. Like Carlos Sainz.But his team chose to return Monaco to 18.e Turn to put the intermediate. A bet that has been lost since Paulman appeared behind Sergio Perez. Already plagued by this strange choice, 16th was furious on lap 21 when Scuderia chose a double stop to install hard tires on a single-seater. Ferrari then lost the race lead to Perez, and Leclerc lost the podium and was driven to fourth place. Especially at home, the text is unacceptable to him. Monaco has lost a lot of points in the championship, especially after retiring in Spain last weekend.

Saint-Etienne descends to League 2 in turmoil

Geoffroy Stadium JB Autissier / PANORAMIC

1976 Champions League finalist and record-breaking 10-time French champion AS Saint-Etienne dropped into League 2 after losing a playoff penalty with Auxerre. It was the penalty that determined the future of the two teams, and Lyadbudebs, who saw Leon save the penalty, accused AS Saint-Etienne of returning to League 2 almost 20 years later (2004). .. At the end of the penalty shootout, supporters of Saint-Etienne broke into the lawn of Geoffroy Gishar, threw a large number of smoke grenades and tried to enter the corridor leading to the locker room. Throughout the game, fans of Saint-Etienne demanded the resignation of the current management team. They were soon disbanded by the police. The official statement of the club at the end of the match also showed that immediate and significant changes would be made, especially the sale of the club.

Turon breaks in the worst case

Two months when Toulonnais evolved on the thread. Accumulate wins (10 out of 11) and try to save the season.Double Front: Those who were 13 years old to qualify unexpectedly in the final phase of the Top 14e Placed earlier this year, after losing 3 in the final, will eventually win the Challenge Cup. This incredible chase took a lot of energy and power for Varois, who suffered in the final against LOU. More careful, more active and more inspirational Lyone. For 30 to 12 defeats without suffering a challenge. Disappointment to be digested without delay. Next Sunday, the RCT will head to Nanterre to face Racing 92 on the 26th.e And the last day of the regular season. With a simple equation: Win to qualify. Other results send Charles Ollivon and his partner on vacation.