Lacanau creates an incubator for board sports and nature business

Jean-Louis Rodrigues, President of EuroSIMA, revealed it at the General Assembly at Anglet on May 20th. The surf sector will soon set up four dedicated activity areas in New Aquitaine. The federation has partnered with the municipal Medoc Atlantic community to create incubators, business hotels and plans to set up offices and workshops in Lacanau, Gironde. The first Steering Committee gathered two partners on Monday, June 27, with representatives of local governments and business people.

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“Proposal of a complete career path for companies”

“This is a 24 hectare site, of which 11 hectares can be urbanized. At the end of the environmental and regulatory investigation, results are expected for a second steering committee at the end of the year. Improved zone programming, In particular you can define the architecture of the building. Take into account the landscape of the natural parks in this area. “, Medoc Atlantique explaining to La Tribune Remy Bellock, who is in charge of economic development of the communa community..

“We want to provide companies with a complete course, from incubation to facility construction, especially by sliding targeting career projects, taking into account the remarks of EuroSIMA partner Union Sport et Cycle. By doing so, we have expanded the scope. Not only in sports, but also in wonderful outdoor activities such as cycling, in all cases it is digitally environmentally friendly. “ He adds.

The Future Business Park is located at the entrance to Lacaneau, along Bordeaux Street, 12 km from the sea and even closer to Lake Lacaneau. “There are many places where businesses can test innovation and provide an attractive living environment.”, Emphasize Remy Bellock. If the annoying budget problem has not yet been resolved, work to become Lacaneau’s fifth inter-municipal activity zone will begin at the end of 2024 and should be completed in 2025.

Local success

By this time, construction of the incubator and business hotel planned by the end of 2024 will be completed in Rip Curl and in the Pedebère district of Soot Josegor next to the surf lounge. This project and the current Lacaneau project are many strong signs of the importance of the southwestern boardsport sector. Players from different regions (New Aquitaine Region, Land Division, Malemnea Dourcourt Sad Commune Community, Basque Country Aglomeration Community, Land CCI, Bayonne Pey Basque) are already working on two other areas of activity. is. Basque Country: Olatu Leku, an incubator and business hotel that opened in 2012 at Anglet in Bahia Park, where Volcom is located, and Créaluz, which opened in Saint-Jean-de-Luz in October 2020.

In this first example, startup Wyve, which prints a personalized 3D surfboard, was able to hatch. There’s still an office there, but there’s also a workshop on the other side of the street, next to the startup. -Polyora made of upsNotox, corkboard, and recyclable foam. Wyve is one of the local successes. The company, founded by Sylvain Fleury and Léo Bouffier in 2018, has just raised € 1.1 million and plans to double the team in the coming months (10 to date).

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4,000 direct jobs to save

“The health and economic crisis associated with Covid-19 over the past two years has made us increasingly aware of the value of public-private partnerships and the need to work together to respond as much as possible. Providing the largest number of solutions to the sector ofUnderlined Jean-Louis Rodrigues during the General Assembly.

There are 173 member (80% VSE, 17% SME, 3% ETI) sliding equipment manufacturers or distributors mainly in France, and the European equivalent American Association SIMA is one of the smallest sports federations. , Very well established in this area. .. Its members represent more than 4,000 direct employment in New Aquitaine with cumulative sales of € 1.9 billion.

“The 2021 summer season was historic for water sports, causing supply difficulties and even inventory shortages. Among these areas, surfing, which became the Olympic sport at the Tokyo Olympics, is across the coast. It attracts more and more people. “, Detailed description of the former Billabong chief. It also remains to convince companies in the very international sector to stay in the area or establish themselves, but the land and potential employees are undoubtedly higher than elsewhere. It’s rare.

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