Lack of sponsorship, Christiane Taubila throws a towel

Former seal guards were forced to announce their withdrawal from the presidential election and failed to win 500 sponsors. Since the start of the campaign in December last year was delayed, it has not progressed as planned.

Christiane Taubila no longer had a choice. A former seal keeper announced in a speech this Wednesday that he would abandon the presidential candidate.

“Today, I have been helpful despite the very strong mobilization of tenacity and enthusiasm, despite the very strong mobilization of volunteers from the Taubila 2022 group, some volunteers from the popular primary. I’ll tell you to put an end to no suspend, of some elected officials of my campaign team who made the courageous choice to follow the conscience rather than some parties, “said Justice Minister Francois Hollande. Declared.

“It’s clear that we won’t succeed in raising the 500 sponsors needed to run in the presidential election,” added one who was able to raise 181 sponsors from the elected officials. Annoying capacity “.

So far, Christiane Taubila hasn’t shown where her support goes. However, she designated her vote for the first round “in the coming weeks” as “publicly announced”, and on the left side “to bring them together” and “don’t miss this talk meeting”. I asked for that.

“There is no doubt” in Christiane Taubila

Therefore, two days before the sponsorship deposit deadline, Guyanese preferred to withdraw from the presidential election. However, she poured her last power into her fight this week and canceled all her travel and media interventions.

In mid-February, the former minister also split two letters to all the mayors of France to sponsor her in the name of a “democratic debate” while trying to strain her muscles. I persuaded you.

“There is a team working on sponsorship and (…) I’m not worried at all,” she still assured France Blue on February 4th.

Can’t count on his old party

However, a few days later, a demonstration by the Taubila Commission in 2022 at the Constitutional Council showed the enthusiasm of the candidate’s camp.

The march looked much higher, as his former party, the Far Left, had. “Withdrawal from (his) campaign”Deprives PRG of 280 guaranteed sponsorships of elected civil servants.

After that, the former minister saw the hands of the Socialist Party there. But beyond the struggle between Olivier Fall and Christiane Taubila, the candidate’s entry into the political arena only in December last year explains her difficulties in searching for sponsorship.

“We were wrong to leave so late,” admits one of the BFMTV adjutants.

No funds for his campaign

Former seal keeper was convinced of his arrival In the countryside Then that People’s main victory He can earn strong rally points, Withdrawal of candidacy And the surge in polls. This didn’t happen.

The last thorn on the side of Christiane Taubila explaining this withdrawal: lack of money to fund her campaign. Until early March, his team had set banks to vote at least 7%. Faced with poor performance in polls ( With the latest Elabe poll on BFMTV Express), The call for donations has started.Report without much success opinion..