Lakers management will make it worse after Klutch Sports

The Lakers have the talent to always be in the headlines, even if they are no longer in court. The latest case in Los Angeles: Franchise management will turn to Clutch Sports, the leading agency of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, on its role in Russell Westbrook’s recruitment choices. Take inventory.

Even though the Arena lights are off, the City of Angels lights are still twinkling, and the Hollywood show continues to broom desperately. So even if basketball is packed for nearly three weeks and won’t show up in Los Angeles until October next year, the Los Angeles star franchise won’t stop talking about it.Eric Pincus, NBA Reporter Bleacher ReportThe tension between the Lakers direction and Camp LeBron James-Anthony Davis was aroused within the framework of the file dedicated to the player’s weight in the team’s sport selection. The California front office will actually have bad results for Klutch Sports, the leading agency of Toto Davis and Bronbron James. What is the cause of this confusion? The adoption of Russell Westbrook would have been heavily influenced by two superstars, represented by Rich Paul’s Box. Of course, these are just echoes of the conversation, so you have to catch everything with a grain of salt, but this is a pretty good indication of the confusion that must be reigned in the office. Purple and gold.. Recall that within a month Magic Johnson confessed to complete this information: ESPN In support of Russell West, DeMar DeRozan’s unexpected arrival in LA due to LeBron James’ alleged behavior behind the scenes.

Therefore, the Lakers situation is very … special, and it looks like everyone is pointing their finger at everyone about the person responsible for this year’s terrible failure. Angelino’s workforce movement is important, so we need to follow it throughout the summer. I recently talked about the first rumors of Russell Westbrook’s transfer. This shows that the player is at the center of tension for all stakeholders in the franchise. Eric Pincus also correctly remembers Lebron’s potential extension of the contract this summer, so it’s totally inappropriate to have bad terms with the king. This may explain why the Lakers include James in their decisions so much. Especially as a player represented by Klutch Sports, his future is somehow related to the future of Anthony Davis. Imagine a little earthquake when two stars are full. Rob Pelinka, general manager Therefore, team members need to make sure to step up to fix all this, and above all, limit this type of noise as much as possible, which is absolutely not beneficial to his group.

The Lakers are definitely good at drawing attention to themselves, without having to talk about basketball itself. The situation seems tense, but you should always pay attention to this kind of rumors. We obviously follow all of this while everyone is officially speaking and perhaps waiting for things to be clear.

Text Source: Bleacher Report / ESPN