Laurent Blanc: “I’m interested in taking responsibility in the club.”


1998 World Champion, 2000 European Champion, 97 selections with the French team, Laurent Blanc is a French football legend. Dedicated to Europe 1, a 56-year-old former defender and converted coach, he talked about his current football vision, the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid, Girondan Bordeaux, and his future plans.

About football and his plans: “I don’t like the direction of football”

Soccer is more important than anything else. The important thing is soccer. Soccer is not made by people. Soccer is the most important. There are many people who play soccer, good people, and bad people. What I dare say is that the direction of football is not the direction I like. It turns out that the current direction and evolution of football is not the direction I want to see. Everyone is interested in soccer. It attracts many people, many who love football, and many who are interested in football and want to make money from football.

I am also interested in young people. Remember that we were fortunate to have had a very good training in France and it was very beneficial and enviable for us. And we have good trainers. There are many excellent young players in France. It’s incredible to see the French team with young players. I was talking to an Italian friend who told me. Of course, they are detected and well trained, and we are fortunate to have these young people. So we have a bright future. Being responsible in the club is also of interest to me. yet. After that, you need to decide on the project, and above all, the responsibilities of each.

In the Champions League final: “You can see the avalanche of the goal”

First of all there are two great teams so I think it will be a great match. After that, it’s the final match. With the possibility of both teams attacking, we can see the avalanche of the goal, so I want a team that will open the show, score soon. I hope it will happen. May you have the best victory. Real Madrid, which surprises us every time, is dominated because they are in a bad position, and because they have very good players, they have a huge heart, You can always get out of it.

And best of all, they play as a team. The team wins you when you have a difficult moment. Liverpool is great. One of the best coaches, there are also attack-based ways to play. Everything is there to play an exceptional match. It’s the final, don’t forget it.

About Karim Benzema: “Ballon d’Or, he deserves it”

Like. He breathes football, moves, plays, proposes himself, suggests team solutions, and above all, finishes, because a few years ago he heard he wasn’t a goal scorer. Has not scored many goals. The person who says it doesn’t understand anything, it doesn’t understand anything. He is a young man who has everything and proves it, but as soon as he sees him play, he knows he is Welshman. He knows how to do many things that not only allow him to emphasize himself, but also allow him to emphasize others. And that’s a quality that most soccer players don’t have. I hope he wins this final first, and then Ballon d’Or, I hope he has it, he deserves it.

About Girondins Bordeaux: “If you make a lot of mistakes, unfortunately you will pay for the mistakes.”

It takes a little time, so it’s difficult to talk. What I think is vulgar is that there are people who can come to the top of the club, hurt you and create a 110 year old club. I will wipe you out in 18 months. In football, as in regular business, making many mistakes unfortunately comes at the cost of mistakes. Running a soccer club is not easy either.

But we have to rely on what has already been done and what has already worked. But it’s not unique to Bordeaux. We have a different view of football, there are lots of businesses around us, and there are leaders who imagine coming to so-called football clubs to make money, grow and improve their clubs. And we understand that this is not the case at all and can even endanger clubs like Girondins Bordeaux. I think it’s a shame that these people are allowed to be club bosses.

About Kylian Mbappe: “He made a very courageous decision.”

I don’t know the man very well. He is very young. But even when you’re young, he already looks pretty solid to me because you have to be solid where he is. You need to be well surrounded, but personally you need to be solid. I think he is. I think he made a very courageous decision. I had the courage to say, “I will stay in Paris and win the Champions League with Paris.” He may have been able to go to Real Madrid, but he is still young. He goes abroad. He plays in overseas clubs and in the world’s largest club. I think he is good.

Enjoy watching Kylian Mbappe join our championship a little longer and play every three days. He will make progress, I guarantee it. We must wish him the best in terms of physical health. He spends a little more time in Paris and then goes to and plays with Europe’s largest clubs. He wins a lot of trophies. I’m not even talking about money. But even so, I think he will be the best player in the world.

I met him for the first time, he played at Gambardera, he made a big difference. But I had the opportunity to play with a very nice player. They have qualities that most people do not have. He truly reminds me of Brazilian Ronaldo. Because it looks like a natural one. He will have to be strong, but above all he must be confident in his football.

About the French team: “France is Qatar’s favorite”

We all need to have a positive opinion on the French team. That wasn’t the case in our time, and there were some unfavorable opinions. But as they are already reigning as world champions, they have to endure that pressure and the pressure to become their number one favorite. Because everyone says that the French team is the number one favorite in the 6th place of the World Cup in Qatar. Several months. That is the truth. There are other national teams that are very strong, we know them. Spain, Belgium, United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina. We are well aware that these are countries that can win the World Cup. However, everyone unanimously appoints a team that has the potential and is the world champion. It’s France.