Laurent Wauquier, Eric Siotti, Xavier Bertrand … How are the rights after Pecres prepared?

Revised to 11:25 am on March 20, 2022 and 12:30 pm on March 20, 2022

In the second round of the presidential election, if the duel of Macron Le Pen occurs, there will be an unpleasant scent of déjà vu on the right. When Valerie Pécrès fights to lie polls, many in the Republican Party no longer believe it. They resigned as they prepare to eliminate candidates and relive the horrors of the two rounds of the 2017 presidential election, when the party split and many elected civil servants threw themselves into Emmanuel Macron’s arms. doing.

From the evening of the first round on April 10, Valérie Pécrès’ defeat immediately caused a fracture between Republican right-wing representatives, representatives hostile to support for the next president, and supporters of the line. Was revived. “Social”, Decided to block the far right. Like 5 years ago “Some LRs call on Macron to vote, others vote for Ni Ni.”Neither Macron nor Le Pen predict the LR adjutant.

Defeat can also create a new wave of asylum. “If you finish in 5th place on the first lap, there is a danger of an explosion.”, Executives are worried. “It gets confusing”However, make sure you are an LR strategist who does not believe in splitting. Rights are in preparation, at least not in the near future … between individual strategies, political restructuring, the fight for the legislative elections in June, and the conquest of the President of the formation after the departure of Christian Jacob in September. -Except for the surprise of April 10-for a busy month. Three men, Laurent Wauquier, Eric Siotti and Xavier Bertrand, are in charge.

The weight of Laurent Voquier

In 2017, after the defeat of Francois Fillon, Laurent Voquier took over the reins of the abandoned party. Dismissed rudely in 2019 after being defeated in the European elections, he can rely on the popularity of right-wing members and sympathizers to make a comeback after a three-year media diet and a victory in the region in 2021. I did. As in 2017, he should choose “ni-ni” between the two rounds of the presidential election. And it’s around him that the restructuring of rights could be organized tomorrow.

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For the time being, the president of the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region officially holds his head only in the countryside. “He thinks he has a role to play, but there are several possible paths.”Confess one of his supporters. Therefore, among various possibilities, he was able to decide to be a candidate for a legislative election to find a national forum. If not, he will take the time to reflect this summer. Until then, “Laurent Wauquier and Xavier Bertrand will want to be generals in a legislative campaign to prepare for the aftermath.”LR surrogate bet.

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Because even if the president is defeated, the June ballot is not always synonymous with the Berezina River. Despite the Emmarche tsunami, 101 outbound LR agents elected in 2017 can hope to resist the second macronist wave. Moreover, “If Eric Zemmour finishes 10% or 11% in the first round, his gravitational pull will be weakened.”Underline the LR strategist. “Unless some people panic and decide to leave, we can even go back to 120 or 130.”Says the adjutant.

Eric Shiotti’s ambition

The adjutant of Alpes Maritimes, the finalist of the December LR meeting, recently investigated Laurent Voquier’s intentions. Because Eric Shiotti is thinking that if Waukiez doesn’t insist, he will take control of the LR president.Still, this outlook is that he “Union of Rights” With the far-right candidate Eric Zemmour. “” We won’t make it happen, I have already warned the LR lieutenant. If Ciotti stood by, half of the MPs left. »»

It should also confront other ambitions. Julien Aubert, president of Dare France, is already a candidate in 2019 and may take office. The new generation is also a little at a loss. “We are responsible. Warn the young LR adjutant. It’s only possible if you have a long rebuild and you’ve turned a certain number of pages, including generations. »»

Xavier Bertrand’s question

The president of the Hauts-de-France region, who was beaten during the LR meeting, restored his political health by playing a good soldier of Valerie Pécrès in the countryside. Faced with the right wing embodied by Laurent Voquier and Eric Siotti, and with the wider supporters of the “Union of Rights”, Xavier Bertrand is tempted to take leadership in the “social” flow. There is a possibility. It is not yet known if he can achieve this within the party.

“The road is not easy for him, one of his supporters believes. He can’t stand by because of sociology, but the Wauquiez line doesn’t suit him. He is not an agent. He rebuilds something … but how? »» Under these circumstances, some elected civil servants have already considered “Plan B” as the “Big Bang,” the constitution of the majority coalition that links LR and LREM.“On the night of the first round, there is restructuring work, LR Adjutant explains. Join a majority coalition government or stay in an opposition group … problems arise. »»