Le 112, a new training room for Tarbes boxers and wrestlers

1 Pacte 65 fist boxer and Tarbes Pyrénées Lutte Grappling wrestler invested in a new room Le 112 made available by the Tarbes municipality in the Arsenal district on Saturday after several months of work.

If your child wants educational boxing or wrestling in Tarbes, only one number: 112.

Indeed, in this new martial arts hall, launched on Saturday, the Tarbes Club of Poing d’1 Pacte 65 and the Tarbes Pyrénées Lutte Grappling (TPLG) celebrated the summer quarter with the greatest joy of those who were initially interested. The party training under the eyes and fists of the legendary Muhammad Ali, a portrait drawn behind the ring, said: It would be more fun to train with friends, “says 13-year-old boxer Deni Zimaev.

Future champions are already training hard under the supervision of legendary Muhammad Ali

Future champions are already training hard under the supervision of legendary Muhammad Ali

“Mutual commitment”

And this room at the location of Daniel Gerbeau in the Arsenal district looks like the project was carried out by Tarbes City Hall. Tarbes Horizon 2030 project. A lot of work has been done and it is perfectly suited for martial arts practice, which costs around 150,000 euros excluding tax. But so far you haven’t paid the rent because we delivered the building and you made all the necessary material investments, “Gérard Trémège added,” it’s a commitment interrelationship. ” Welcomed.

Mutualization of boxers and tarbes wrestlers

A kind of moral covenant since the two Tarbes clubs related to sharing Le 112’s room conveys the same value of citizenship and social integration through sports: “Boxing and wrestling pools are a block of projects. But with Poingt d’1 Pacte 65, it’s almost natural because we share the same values ​​and the same people as our neighbors. We have the same wavelengths in educational projects, adaptive sports, school sports and many other activities. We already have champions and places like this will allow us to shine a little more. I must thank the city hall for protecting it. ” TPLG President Paul O’Claire and Division Committee President Patrice Cancel explain together.

“Welcome more people at best”

It’s also a significant change for the students of Karim Aiouaz, a former international boxer and former DTN of the Algerian Boxing Federation, who is now the sports director of the Poing d’1 Pacte 65 Association. room. This did not prevent us from working well as we carry out our socially educated and competitive mission. However, we absolutely needed more space to welcome members in better conditions. It’s a new start for us and I think we can welcome more people to support the growth of young people. “

At the end of the inauguration, he was used to hitting, but that feeling was apparent when the former boxing champion shed a bit of tears at the audience, saying, “Nothing is more beautiful than it feels useful.”

With Le 112, it’s enough to say that young boxers and wrestlers are in the best conditions for success.