League 1-After Monaco-PSG-“Unacceptable”: Pochettino frustrated by new challenges in Paris

I’m not very used to this season, so I was almost relieved by Mauricio Pochettino’s dark look after the team’s defeat (3-0) in Monaco. Yes, the Argentine coach watched the same meeting as everyone else and pointed out his player’s attitude at Prime Video’s microphone: “On the part of all holders, it is unacceptable to start such a conference at this level of competition.There are a lot of disappointments.. “

We have to respect ourselves

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His team had just chained four consecutive defeats outside all tournaments, but Pochettino could only see his player’s devastating start. “”The first half was pretty good and I won 1-0.It’s possible that two or three goals were easily recognized“, He admitted. Post-match observations shared by Monaco coach Philippe Clement :”3-0 is already heavy, but it might still be better. “

Personally, Parisians are (still) experiencing like their leaders. Marco Verratti lost an extraordinary number of balls, Presnel Kimpembe still appeared to be in Madrid, and even Kylian Mbappe couldn’t come up and seized a big chance in the second half. French International did not chop up the words about his changing room: “We must remain professional, respect ourselves, respect our clubs, the people who support us, and our families... “”We can still lose the game. But what happened should never happen again.Not allowed because it is serious“I’m better than my coach in Paris at a press conference.

Champions League ghosts still exist

And, of course, the formation in Paris gave the feeling that it hadn’t yet digested the great disappointment with Madrid 10 days ago. Even if it’s not Mauricio Pochettino’s excuse, “Don’t hold anyone other than yourself responsible. Today you can see how the loss in the Champions League has affected the players. The impact on C1 players is immeasurable, but today the team must be free from this idea. (Editor’s note to win), That prevents us from getting the best performance in the field.. “

Mauricio Pochettino (PSG) is fed up with the attitude of the players

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We can win 8 or 9-0, people still only think about the Champions League

According to Captain Markinhos, Parisians, who lost three times in a row, far from the League One base, could even be afraid of more.If you continue to perform like that, there is no doubt that the title is at risk.It’s devastating, it’s our worst game of the year“Despite the Brazilian words, PSG will continue to be a comfortable leader and will maintain a worst-case 12-point lead at the end of this 29th day, which will allow him to move towards a new title. You can hurry. “The goal is the 10th title of the French champion, but the rest is irrelevant …Regretted Kylian Mbappe. We can win 8 or 9-0, but people still only think about the Champions League.But we’re going to get this 10th title.. “

Still, how you win is important. With new humiliation, the toughest league 1 club has suffered in two years, a 5-1 defeat in Lille, PSG feels like losing the lead in the championship. Problem: Parisians can only play this tournament. “”We have an international ceasefire to forget and mobilize because we have to take responsibility for wearing this jersey that we didn’t have today“, Pochettino concludes. I don’t know if two weeks in the park against Lorient will be enough to calm the whistle for him and the rest of Parisians …

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