League 1-Girondins Bordeaux: City Hall wants to move “in the right direction”

20th in League One, the Girondins are more threatened with demotion than ever before. The atmosphere, already oppressed by the catastrophic consequences, was a little more tense at Mattomt Atlantic this Sunday. Bottle throwing, insulting goalkeeper Benoît Costil, and lively interaction between Ultras and the players at the exit of the stadium. Matthew Hasearl, assistant to Pierre Harmic in Bordeaux sports, believes that any sacrifice is needed to avoid breaking the connection between the club and the actors who support it. .. interview.

France Blue Gironde: Girondins Bordeaux is doing badly, but how does the City Hall see this?

Matthew Has Earl : It is bad. It’s sad. I keep remembering the magical history of the Girondins. Last year, I set up a committee with the mayor when there was a danger of an attack. I talked to him this morning. We will call to say that the Girondins are substantive with the history of Bordeaux. It’s our legacy. You cannot decide to descend to League 2. We want mobilization, but it’s a positive and constructive call. I encourage and encourage all Boulders and all Girondins to come to the next match. We all know what the twelfth man is.

You shouldn’t crack it when everyone needs support.

They were only 18,000 on Sunday, is this evidence of a lack of love?

I don’t know if the magic is broken. Overall, I can’t bring myself into it. The Girondins trajectory, which needs to be maintenance, is back in the days when they played the Europa League. We have the means. President Gerard Lopez reiterated his attachment and his desire to be a long-term part. That’s what I remember. Beyond this stage of collective intersection, we must build for the future as well.

Beyond the results, there was a problematic behavior at the stadium yesterday, a player accused of racism by some of the bottle throwers and supporters. How does it affect the image of the city?

You also need to take a step back. Bottle throws, unfortunately in all stadiums in France and Europe. What I see is angry, legitimate anger, probably a little deaf supporter, showing their attachment to the club, and showing the players an attachment to the club. I want to show what I want. We all have to collectively push in the right direction. This has made it possible to maintain a peaceful situation for nine months. You shouldn’t crack it when everyone needs support. Either way, I don’t want it.

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Have you already looked at the possible consequences of your descent to League 2?

Of course I will investigate. Alain Anziani and Pierre Harmic have promised that there will be no “Girondins Bordeaux tax” or “Matomut stadium tax”. The descent and hold do not change much. The only change is that the rights to the television will be reduced and the revenue from the viewer may be reduced. But the problem is: “Is the president long-term? And in this case, we strengthen something. When it comes to stadiums, all the hypotheses are at the table. They still need to find a buyer, from the redemption, Girondin. It can range from seeing the factions occupy more space in the business. To be honest, don’t worry.