League Day 1, 29: Rennes give Mets 6 goals and Strasbourg slows down to Lorient

Renne-Mets: 6-1

An aggressive festival and confidence in Rennes! Bruno Genesio’s men were demoted and did a short job at Messin, completely overwhelmed by Brittany’s wrath. Martin Terrier (18th, 27th) double, Serhou Guirassy (40th, 53rd, 63rd) hat-trick, and even captain Hamari Traoré (58th) goal, poor Marc Orel Kylard’s net I stabbed him helplessly and stopped by. His defense. Louis Mahuta’s honorary goal (87th) hasn’t changed much. Stade Rennais is the best attack of the French Championship this season and will temporarily replace PSG runners-up Marseille and Nice’s beard.

  • What we remember : Frederick Antonetti can only see the damage from the stand and his FC Metz is 4 points behind the playoffs.

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Lorient – ​​Strasbourg: 0-0

The scoreless draw is useless to anyone, but it has provided a lot of entertainment to the spectators who came to Mutwar Stadium this afternoon. A surprising candidate in Europe, the racing club Destrasbourg initially dominated primarily the very first period and faced Mattheleier after having a great day at the goals of Lorient. It got hot on both sides, but the clumsy attacker couldn’t change the trend either way. Lorient won the league ranking in this lottery and was 16th in League One.

  • What we remember : Strasbourg is a solid fifth in League One and hasn’t lost for two months.

Frederik Gilbert (Strasbourg) and Ibrahima Koné (Lorient)

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Angers-Brest: 1-0

That’s it, Angers finally woke up. After a two-month shortage and seven consecutive defeats, Gerald Baticle’s men succeeded against Brest this Sunday. Victory was sluggish thanks to the penalty imposed by Sofiane Boufal (39th). But, despite all, there are three very important points, as the SCO (14th) can get some air back from the red zone. On the contrary, the Bretons, like Youssef Bellairi, made a generally disappointing copy that was exchanged shortly before the break and remained stalled in front of their opponents that day (13th).

  • What we remember : Recently, Anthony Mandrea, preferred over reassuring Daniel Petkovic, kept Angers on a clean sheet. Encouragement for the future.

Bordeaux-Montpellier: 0-2

Bordeaux swims in complete fog. Literally, the heavy smoke from the numerous smoke bombs illuminated by the Girondin Ultras delayed the kick-off by about 15 minutes. Figuratively, Josuha Guilavogui’s partner was once again surprisingly vulnerable to Montpellier. Pailladins took only about 15 minutes to blockade the site via Elye Wahi (11th) and Florent Mollet (16th). When Nicolas Cozza (39th) and Mihailo Ristić (45th + 5th) were banished one after another, we could believe in a crazy comeback. However, Jonas Omlin diverted the penalty from Alberth Elis (42nd) and MHSC maintained his advantage to the end.

  • What we remember : Bordeaux’s red lantern has a terrible ability to not ignite the second act, but is competing against 9 at 11.

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