Leclerc, Gasly, heat … 5 questions before the French Grand Prix

Description- Due to some issues, you can imagine a lively race at the Paul Ricard circuit this Sunday.

At Le Castellet

Can Charles Leclerc resist at the beginning of the race?

Charles Leclerc, the brilliant Paulman on Saturday, rents a proud candle to Carlos Sainz. Monaco did not stop gratitude to the gorgeous teammates who became warmly grateful in the mixzone. The ideal draft provided by the Spaniards allowed Leclerc to play 2 to 1 in front of the threatening Verstappen. The opposite is true on Sundays when Sainz is demoted behind the grid (see below). Second and third, Verstappen and Perez’s Red Bull have a numerical advantage. But that’s not all: “It will be very difficult to contain them, especially on straights where they are advantageous.“Warning Leclerc, who is aiming for a successful sixth career. The fight should be fierce along the Mistral Straight (1.8 km), open to the DRS and continue until the next chicane (turns 8 and 9). “Carletto” wants his Ferrari to be free of credibility flaws, driven by the masses and apparently taken over for his purposes, as it happens frequently this season.

Can Ocon and Guthrie save the weekend at home?

Ocon P10 and Guthrie P14. It was certainly not the first idea for the two tricolors of the set for their potential last Grand Prix de France. And again, the two Normans went up two ranks in the penalty game. It would be complicated for Guthrie if Ocon (Alpine) could reasonably imagine a new entry at the point after his wonderful fifth place in Austria. Although not clumsy in the test, AlphaTauri’s driver lost all his emotions in “qualifying” and was speechless after failing in the first quarter. “”We were comfortable in the top 10 and since this Saturday morning we have faced a lot of difficulties, and we really don’t know why, He regretted with Mike Canal +. I have to go up tomorrow, but it’s hard and I’ll start from afar.From a distance in Le Castellet, where overtaking is not easy, and from places with heavy traffic.

Pierre Guthrie spent a very complex Saturday at Le Castellet. SARAH MEYSSONNIER / PANORAMIC

Sainz Reassembly ??

Freed from the weight since his first career victory (Silverstone), the Spaniards walk his aggressiveness in the paddock. This Saturday, Leclerc’s great servant, the Madridrian, knew he was being blamed behind the grid for an engine change. Are you getting better? On the 19th grid, Ferrari drivers must first play with traffic to get back to the point before aiming for a high. “”I hope he joins us beforeThanks to Saturday, Leclerc said. Given the pace Sainz showed at Le Castellet throughout the weekend, it’s not impossible (best time in Free Practice 2). “”I understand my car better and better“I guarantee stakeholders who want not to accumulate another failure after Austria when his car ignited when he headed to the new podium. Recent history and especially one man hopes for him Sergio Perez, his runner at Silverstone after starting in the last position. In 2020, the Mexicans will be even more by winning their first GP at Sakhir since the end. I got good grades.

Can Hamilton open the counter in 2022?

Lewis Hamilton, fourth on the grid, will have a hard time winning this Sunday. Despite his good intentions, British pilots are still seriously behind Maeya. That silver arrow, especially the Mistral straight, should be difficult to compare. “”We lost a lot of time in a straight line, almost 0.5 seconds“I blew Sir Lewis in the mixzone, but the race situation could be in his favor and why not aim for the podium four times in a row?

Does heat play a role?

The self-proclaimed “summer race” gets hot. This Sunday, Le Castellet is expected to reach 35 ° C. On trucks it is between 55 ° C and 60 ° C. The pilot’s body and tires will also be tested. You need to monitor your team’s strategy at one or more stops to fill the 53 courts on Paul Ricard’s asphalt. “”Tire deterioration has been indisputable since the new tires, but will be more important this weekendMario Isola, the competition director of Pirelli, the exclusive supplier of tires, predicts. The reliability of single-seaters also depends on conditions such as Leclerc and Sainz Ferrari, which have not always been refined since the start of the season.