Leclerc jumps over qualifying and Guthrie crashes

Monaco dominates Le Castellet’s qualifying and will start on Sunday ahead of Verstappen and Perez’s Red Bulls. Ocon and Guthrie will start further on the grid.

At Le Castellet

Charles Leclerc alone in the world. Despite the horrors of Turn 12, Monaco walked on Le Castellet’s overheated asphalt (road temperature above 55 ° C) and won the pole position at the French Grand Prix (his 16th career). The only driver under 1’31” (1’30”872), Monaco was blamed behind the grid for a penalty and was big from the desire of teammate Carlos Sainz to become a perfect teammate. I am benefiting from it. As a result, Max Verstappen (Red Bull), who made a strong impression in Free Practice 3 at the beginning of the afternoon, was demoted to more than three-tenths.To the joy of the main stand that looks like tifosi Of “Carlet to”.

“”It would be even tighter without Carlos, The Ferrari driver agreed with the applause of the audience. He gave me an extraordinary desire.To understand the valuable service the Spaniards provided to Monaco, it was enough to see two men frankly hugging in the mixzone. Did the track tension disappear, as it did during the sprint race in Austria? “”I hope he will join us at the front desk tomorrowAdded Leclerc. This Sunday (3 pm), so Sergio Perez (3)e) Starts in the second row, just behind him, putting pressure on the entry and helping his world champion teammates.

On the podium of the last three races, Lewis Hamilton is the “best of the rest” wheel of Mercedes in the fourth fastest time (four tenths behind Perez!), ahead of his compatriots Lando Norris and George Russell. I keep finding the rhythm at. .. “”Somehow, anyway, we can’t do better, they’re out of our reach“I have agreed to the 7th World Champion in the Mixzone.

(Very) difficult French

Esteban Ocon, who has been successful in the last few weeks, missed the boat this Saturday. Celebrated in every corner, like his partner Fernando Alonso (7th), he signed a definitive qualification and concluded in 2012.e position. Alpine drivers were overtaken by Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren), who set sail around 10 o’clock throughout the weekend.e time. Even more surprising, 13e Valtteri Bottas position, symbol of Alfa Romeo’s qualifying failure (Zhou Guanyu signed on the 18th)e time). 14e, Sebastian Vettel continues to use the means at hand holding the handle of Aston Martin, far from the top of the plateau. “”You need to find a solution to run in qualifying“, Called four world champions to his garage.

Abolished in the first quarter (16e Time), Pierre Guthrie stays in a big difficult grip with his AlphaTauri handle. Still, there were few off-hooks during free practice, and Norman was generally relieved by timed exercise and did not respond to the cheers of his masses. What is the reason for the gear change from practice to qualifying? I don’t know himself:We were comfortable in the top 10, and we have had a lot of difficulties since this morning, and we really don’t know why, Cursed the people involved with the microphone Canal +. It needs to be analyzed, but it is inevitably very disappointing. I have to get it back tomorrow, but it’s tough. I’m starting from afar.

Behind him, the AlphaTauri driver will find Lance Stroll in Canada, with his Aston Martin steering wheel still out of rhythm. 19e On the grid, Mick Schumacher thought he had found the key to enter the second quarter, but the time limit was canceled because he exceeded the limit on Turn 3.