Leclerc loses big, Ocon and Guthrie are not there

Disappointment of Scuderia Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc after retiring at the age of 18.
e Grand Prix de France lap at Le Castellet on Sunday. MARC DEMATTIA / DPPI via AFP

Monaco, who took the lead in the French Grand Prix, gave up. And the French have never participated in it.

From smiles to tears. The day after he won the pole position in style and with the help of his teammate Carlos Sainz, Charles Leclerc saw the victory fly at the French Grand Prix this Sunday. Monaco got off to a good start in the heat of Le Castellet, apparently a few steps ahead of Max Verstappen, as much as the Paul Ricard circuit was running for him in the paddock, Esteban Ocon, Pierre Guthrie.

But the Monaco language has lost everything. To be lonely. In the last sector of the route, Ferrari’s driver, who spun off at Bosset Bend, was furious on the radio and first mentioned the accelerator issue (as in Austria, he was able to spin for victory). .. His self-criticism. “This is a personal mistake, not the first time.”He assured the reason for this blunder before expanding into the difficult situation of racing under the scorching sun (55 ° C on the track): “I had a weird feeling in the car all weekend. It was difficult to stay consistent in the heat and I paid my heart for the mistake...»» The 25 points in this case are all Max Verstappen’s Bagatelle, and Lewis Hamilton’s amazing Mercedes (2).e) And George Russell (3)e).

After Paul on Saturday, the ecstatic Monaco was cold, almost lively and faced with the media on Sunday. “I feel like I’ve been at the highest level of my career since the start of the season, but if I lose so many points, it doesn’t make sense to perform at this level.”Cursed Leclerc, who was demoted to 63 points from a Dutch rival. hole.

“I know they come from me if I miss about 30 points at the end of the year.”The Scuderia Ferrari driver continued, but his strategic mistakes have also been costly since the start of the season. However, “Carletto” does not admit defeat. yet: “I will continue to believe it until the end, we will do the account at the end.” If the reliability of the Ferrari F1-75 sometimes leaves something desired, its pace suggests great potential, as evidenced by Carlos Sainz’s crazy comeback from 19.e At 5e We will place it in Le Castellet this Sunday. “I think there was a rhythm of going and playing to win.”The second championship was calmly agreed and turned to the Hungarian Grand Prix, which has rarely been in favor of Verstappen in a week.

There is no Marseillaise on the Castele circuit

But Le Castellet, who has never won “at home” in either Monte Carlo or Le Castellet, looks like Paul Ricard’s last dance in front of the couple, although each passage evoked noisy encouragement. You won’t win over a year. The French Grand Prix contract with the F1 promoter ended on Sunday, making the future of the self-proclaimed “summer race” more uncertain than ever.

Esteban Ocon (8)e) And Pierre Guthrie (12)eTherefore, wait a little longer to dream of winning at home. In the game after failing qualifying, the two French drivers on the circuit were never able to respond to the enthusiasm around the track. It increased tenfold with the two stands bearing their name. For alpine bends.

Last heard with Alain Prost in 1993 Marseillaise Either way, I’ll wait for it to officially resonate in France. Sunday morning, Théo Pourchelle, 2e Members of the F2 race have noted that they will (informally) modify the range of the entire main stand. To prepare for the future?

French GP classification: 1. Verstappen (Red Bull); 2. Hamilton (Mercedes) 10”587; 3. Russell (Mercedes) 16”495; 4. Perez (Red Bull) 17”310; Signz (Ferrari) 28”872; 6. Alonso (Alpine) 42”879; 7. Norris (McLaren) 52”026; 8. Okon (Alpine) 56”959; 9. Ricardo (McLaren) 1’00 ”372; 10. Walk (Aston Martin) 1 ’02 ”549…

Driver classification: 1. Verstappen 233 points. 2. Leclerc 170; 3. Perez 163; 3. Sainz 144; 5. Russell 143; 6. Hamilton 127; 7. Norris 70; 8. Ocon 56… 13. Guthrie 16 …