Leisure Island in Seine-et-Marne: Post-incident complaints caused by hundreds of young people

As expected, temperatures were around 40 ° C and the leisure islands in this sector were hit by a storm this Saturday. In addition to managing a record crowd, the Vaires-Torcy and Jablines sites were overwhelmed by hundreds of people.

The competition had to be interrupted around 5:30 pm while the French boat team under the age of 23 selection regatta was held at the Veil Surcy Voyage Base, the venue for the 2024 Paris Olympics. .. Problem: Hundreds of young people took down the flopoon and used it as a raft to move through the water.

In addition, “250 to 300 people were sunbathing near the facility and others were jumping off the start tower,” said Frederick Andolfi, president of the Ile de France boat league, at the scene. Say that. However, swimming is strictly prohibited here. According to him, “The weather was good, so we had to restore the starting facility every day, and young people are using it as a diving platform.”

Faced with the crowd, “two or three guards and two policemen couldn’t do much.” The competition took place an hour later, but “players could only compete in 5 lanes instead of 6 lanes.” Some facilities such as the starting tower, pontoons and gangways are damaged.

There will be several competitions soon at the nautical base, but Frédéric Andolfi is looking for a solution to protect the site. “On the first weekend of July, we need to hold a national rowing regatta with a delegation of 11 foreigners. We are very worried.” In addition to that, “We are at risk of an accident. It is enough for the swimmer to take the oar, stroke it, and let the boat pass over him.”

Jabrine Leisure Island experienced a record crowd this Saturday: 10,240 entries were recorded on the site.
Jabrine Leisure Island experienced a record crowd this Saturday: 10,240 entries were recorded on the site. LP / Leonie Cornet

Patrick Karam, vice president of the regional council for youth and sports, complains on behalf of the region about equipment degradation and threats to staff. He wants “coherence” from the governor of Seine-et-Marne Lionel Befre.

“We have to describe these thugs in words. Without sanctions, the feeling of impunity spreads,” he believes. According to him, “I knew it would be hot and nervous that day.”

Overflow in Jabrine

Patrick Karam files a second complaint after the incident at Jabrine Leisure Island. When the bathing area closed around 6:30 pm on Saturday, 200 to 250 young people refused to leave while her family gradually moved away from the two beaches. “Again, police need to be present when the swim is over,” he adds.

“Eight guards and fifteen guards ordered them to leave, but the youth insulted them and threw sand and projectiles at them,” said Cyrille Marchadour, director of Leisure Island. Says. On that day of record temperatures, the leisure center experienced a record crowd: 10,240 entries were recorded on the site.

“We didn’t look for a conflict. I took the staff safely and called the gendarmerie,” continued the base director. The first patrol arrives at the scene immediately and calls for reinforcements. “About 35 gendarmerie were dispatched to the scene. As soon as the young men saw them arrive, they left. There was no deterioration,” Cyrille Marchadour adds. No arrest was made. He states that this is the first time such an incident has occurred in Jabrine.

The prefecture said, “In anticipation of the occurrence of high fever, we have assigned teams with priority on preventing drowning and discomfort and controlling the flow of cars and population.” Faced with a crowd around 3 pm on Saturday, the prefecture closed access to the site for several hours.