Lens dominates Clermon and returns to 6th place in League One

Game: 3-1

After defeating Clermon (3-1) this Saturday, Reims temporarily returned to sixth place. Of course, there was a lot in the wonderful festive atmosphere of Borart Stadium, where supporters celebrated three points. First, summon to the French team of defenders Sang et Or and Jonathan Clauss (see elsewhere).

Not everything was easy for Frank Hayes players, but at the end of a great action Zedaduka crossed for Bayo who successfully brought the ball from control-oriented control before playing against Farines, Rashani. Was picked up coldly by the goal of. Kosovo International continued in a distant post, scoring from close range with an empty goal (9th, 0-1). After two bad results (losing to Brest and drawing to Mets), Reims counterattacked, but Pereira da Costa was diverted by Joko (13th) and Francovsky missed the target (22nd). .. Finally, in the combination of Klaus and Sotoka, Danso, who involuntarily stole the ball, tied San et Ora (39th, 1-1).

Sang et Or continued to push, and just before half-time, it was Sotoca who gave the team an advantage with a mischievous goal of stealing the ball from Djoco without listening to the atmosphere of Bollaert (and others). See location). In the scenario at the end of the first period, Clermontova did not seem to be able to return to the game. They acknowledged the third goal by Haidara (58th), who took advantage of both the strike to the post from Klaus and the enthusiasm of Auvergne’s entire defense, including the goalkeeper of Clermont. Frustration could be read on the face and bayo, he did not hide himself when he was immediately taken from the volley by his trainer Pascal Gaschen.

However, Auvergnats, who is largely dominant in the game and is on the verge of destruction, was able to maintain suspense without cracking, but Khaoui’s point blank shot was a reflection by Farinez (76th). Detoured from the parade. Seko Fofana and his teammates mastered the end of the match and signed their first success in three weeks. This will temporarily reduce it to the first third of the ranking. Meanwhile, on the Clermon side, Ogier and his partner have certainly confirmed that everything will be difficult until the maintenance quest is over.

Fact: Sotoka’s Naughty Goals

In the first half, when Joko came forward with the ball in his hand at the left end of the penalty area, he was playing the last moment of overtime. Clermon’s goalkeeper then threw the ball in front of him to clear his feet without hearing the warning that his teammates Huntongji and Zedaduka had shown someone behind him. Suddenly, Lance striker Sotoka appeared, stealing the ball from him, scoring from the right with an empty goal and regaining the advantage of San et Ol (2-1).

Player: Jonathan Clauss (Lance)

Reims defender, who was first summoned by the French team on Thursday, received great cheers from Borart before the kick-off. Support that seemed to carry him despite a rather awkward start to a match where he was even partially guilty at the opening of Clermon’s score. However, the side recovered well. He was also involved in the equalizer goal (39th, 1-1). There, his center cleared by Magnin was expanded by Danso and then to the center of K.-O. (3-1, 58th) His shot, pushed back to Joko’s right post, was finally taken over by Haidara from close range. To finish this beautiful day, he picked up Mike and celebrated his victory over Lensoiskop and his call at Blue.