Lens is back in the European race! -A brief description and memo of the player (Lens 3-1 Clermont)-Soccer

Lens scored two goals five minutes before the start of the match and finally beat Clermont (3-1) this Saturday as part of League One’s 29th day.

Lens returns to race

Djoco’s blunder and Sotoca’s goal blew up Bollaert.

Whether it’s the Europa League or the Champions League, you have to rely on lenses for European Cup races.

Having finished two games without a slight win in League One, Northern played Clermon (3-1) this Saturday as part of the 29th day, temporarily returning six short lengths from the podium. I did. Great operation on the standings to perfectly start the final sprint of Fofana’s partner.

Rashani surprises Boral!

Sang et Or played in front of European rivals and they were keen to send a message. This explains the great start of the match by Frank Hayes’s men who quickly choked their opponents. However, Krelmon, who was helped to learn Gaschen in the middle, was not actually at risk. Without trembling, the 16th of L1 even allowed himself to hit the mark on his first chance!

Bayo’s crushed strike, author of great control on the cross from Zedaduka, has become a real decisive pass for Rashani, who punished Farines at close range (0-1, 10th)! Of course, it goes against the course of the game, but it’s perfectly in line with Clermon’s strategy, similar to Brestow’s strategy, which recently won Borat (1-0): low block, reorganization defense, and fire on each counterattack. The arrow that was made.

Joko’s blunder squeezes Clermon

The perfect plan? Conditions to resist. What a visitor was able to do … 40 minutes. But shortly before the break, they cracked down against Lensoise’s pressure. With an even cross from Klaus about to join the blues, Danso inherited the leather (1-1, 40th) before scoring subtly on the outside of his foot. Unless you made a mistake, Joko had to get Sotoka to stab the ball with her foot!

From a distance and from a very close angle, the Lensois striker achieved the feat of scoring in the mousehole (2-1, 45 + 4th), and Bollaert exploded. Former Gournoble players returning from the changing room may have been able to put an end to suspense, but Seidu made a brilliant comeback to prevent it. In the crowd, Hadara definitely protected his people, so it was only a postponement (3-1, 58)!

Gradit’s Last Fear

absolutely? Boral trembled again when Gradit bent Bayo’s header, but after the referee consulted VAR, he maintained his choice not to whistle. Clermontova’s last hope, which stagnated in 16th place and missed a great opportunity to lead the Red Zone, soared. After finishing two games without a win, Lens returned to success and temporarily took sixth place. Enough to start the final sprint in great condition …

Match score: 6.5 / 10

The Bollaert Ticket Office is sold out, great playing conditions and two playful teams: all the elements for a good L1 match. And even if Clermontova had to attend this conference, SangetOr’s enthusiasm supplemented us with 90 minutes of quality.


-Zedaduka found Bayo in the box. The striker achieves great control and shatters his shots … this is the decisive pass for Rashani (0-1, 10′).

-Klaus sends the ball to the area. Magnin misses the clearance of his head, and Danso grabs the leather before sending it to the sidenet, thanks to the subtleties on the outside of his feet (1-1, 40th).

-Sotoka is forgotten behind Joko. Clermon’s goalkeeper wants a kick-off and, despite warnings from his teammates, sees a Lances striker stealing the ball from him before scoring from a super-close angle (2-1, 45 + 4th). Is not …

-At the corner, Klaus’s resumption hits the post and returns to Hadara’s feet, which deceives Joko’s close range (3-1, 58).

Player notes

Maxifoot assigned each player a score (out of 10) comment.

Best player: Florian Sotoka (8/10)

Frank Hayes soldiers answered the present. On many Lensoise occasions, yet with generous efforts and initiatives, Sotoca took part in the equalizing action, following Djoco’s blunder, before scoring a great goal from a (very) tight angle. He could have scored two points as soon as he returned from the changing room, but he didn’t expect a great return from Seido. Replace 89 minutes with: Wesley sad (not so)..

lens :

W. Fariez (6): It’s hard to blame Rashani’s goal, Farines didn’t do much work after that. But when the danger arose, like this point-blank strike from Khaowi, the lens goalkeeper and his stable hand responded to the call.

Jonathan Gradit (5): Mixed performance for versatile Lensois defenders. However, although always just as valuable to get the ball out, Gradit was beaten by Bayo in the action of Krelmon’s goal. He may also have been sanctioned for a loose hand penalty in the second half, but the referee decided otherwise after appealing to VAR.

Kevin Danso (8): Will Danso from the beginning of the season return to the final sprint? The Central Defender played a boss match today. His placement certainly leaves something desired for Clermon’s goal, but he didn’t miss anything after that. He also scored his first goal in L1 above all and subtly leveled the outside of his foot before the break.

Massadio Hadara (7): Like Danso, Hadara had more than serious defense games. And, like his understanding, he also made it possible to score his first goal in L1 by taking advantage of the strike from Klaus pushed back by the post!

Jonathan Clauss (8): Klaus was called by the French team in a very good way. The right piston, which Borat applauded before, during and after the match, is at the origin of the two goals. The first is Danso, signed thanks to the exact cross, and the third is Hadara’s score following a strike from a native of Strasbourg. By Paul. For applause before arriving at the blues, I replaced 89 minutes with: Dabel Machado (not so)..

Cheick Oumar Doucoure (6): Another solid match for Doucour, a real midfield lensois metronome. He didn’t always start well, but after playing for 15 minutes he rained and shined in the middle.

Seko Fofana (6): Rare enough to be underlined: Fofana did not win or offer a definitive pass today. But he was still playing a solid match in the middle. He always carries the ball with this incredible ability and poses a danger to the opposite area. Replace 76 minutes with: Patrick Berg (not)..

Pujemislaw Francovsky (6.5): I could blame him for not being aggressive enough in the center of Zedaduka, the origin of Krelmon’s goal, but that’s it. After that, Francowski was accused on his side. And aggressively, he raised a big issue for the defense of the opposition.

David Costa (5.5): Quite interesting on each shot, Costa still doesn’t seem to be playing completely free. He still lacks something to win at Lansui 11. Replace 76 minutes with: Gael Kakuta (not)..

Florian Sotoca (8): See above.

Ignatius Ganago (5.5): The favorite Karimend, Ganago, showed why he was behind the Parisians in the hierarchy. There was only one real opportunity to show off after the break, either not fully available or found enough, but I couldn’t come to a conclusion after a great dribble. Replace 65 minutes with: Arnaud Karimend (not so)..


Ouparine Djoco (2): Despite four saves today, Djoco led the team before the break and completely forgot Sotoca behind. The striker stole the ball from him before scoring from a (very) tight angle, and it ended the suspense more or less. can not forgive.

Akim Zedaduka (6): More than the correct answer with Zedaduka. He certainly suffered from Francovsky, but like this wonderful center in Bayo, he also caused problems for Reims.

Cdric Hountondji (5.5): Under the fire of a 90-minute Lensoise attack, Hountondji was an empire in some of them. But, of course, not all. For example, when the ball returned to Hadara, he wasn’t lively enough on the third goal.

Floran Ogier (5): Like Huntongji, Ogier wasn’t very active in Hadara’s goals. And beyond this action, the captain of Clermon couldn’t really reassure his people for 90 minutes.

Alidu Seidu (6): With a fairly solid defense today, Seidu made a spectacular comeback at Sotoka’s feet shortly after the break, and the Lensois striker was about to win a double. Replace 90 minutes with: Ariel Benabent Mendy (not)..

Johan Gastien (5): The ball transmission and game direction were still clean, but Gastien got off to a great start before giving in to the pressure from Lensois. An image of his entire team.

Lucas da Cunha (4): Why doesn’t he give more courage? On his right side, Da Cunha seems to have the physical and technical abilities to endanger his enemies, but he rarely uses them. Replace 64 minutes with: Jodel Dossou (not so)..

Joan Magnin (6): Obviously not bothered by the ball, Magnin also started very well by shifting Zedaduka with the action of Krelmon’s goal. He then touched many balls, but at the worst moment he missed the head clearance in the box. Danso grabbed the leather before scoring. disappointing.

Jason Berthomier (4): Not easy to match left-handed players. When you receive the ball, it is rarely in good condition. Replace 64 minutes with: Saf-Eddine Khaoui (not so)The shot from close range was supposed to hit the target, but it was stopped by Farines’ solid hand.

Elbasan Rashani (7): Certainly the best player in Clermon today. Rashani got off to a perfect start by following Bayo’s actions and scoring points. Since then, he has continued to cause major problems in Union’s defense. In the second period, if Farines hadn’t checked Kaowi, he could also have been credited with a great decisive pass. Replace 83 minutes with: Pierre Eve Hamel (not)..

Mohamed Bayo (4): Nothing is reported except for this involuntary and decisive path of Rashani. Bayo, too alone, played a complex match at the forefront of attacks against Gladit, Danso and Hadara. Replace 64 minutes with: Grejon Kay (not so)..

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Lens 3-1 Clermon F. (Middle: 2-1) -France-League Day 29
Stadium: Stade Bollaert-Delelis, Lens-Referee: Jeremy Stinat, France

Goal : K. Danso (39th) F. Sotoka (45 + 3rd) Lens M. Hadara (58th)-Krelmon F E. Rashani (9th)
caveat : Hadara (82nd)For lenses- J. Dos (89th)For CLERMON TF.

lens : W. Fariez ―――― J. Gradit, K. Danso, Mr. Hadara ―――― C. Doucour, S. Fofana (P. Berg, 76th) ―――― J. Klaus (D. Machad, 89th), P. Francovsky ―――― David Costa (G. Cacta, 76th) ―――― F. Sotoka (W. Sud, 89th), I. Ganago (A. Muyinga, 65th)

CLERMON TF. : O. Joko ―――― C. Hountonji, F. Ogier ―――― A. Zedadoka, A. Seidu (A. Mendy, 90th) ―――― Y. Magnin, J. Gaschen, J. Berthomier (G. Kyei, 64th) ―――― L. Da Cunha (S. Khaoui, 64th), Mr. Bayo (J. Dos, 64th), E. Rashani (P. Hamel, 83rd)