Leopard: FECOFA updated Cuper, the last word to the Minister of Sports

What’s new in Cuper files. At this point, the trend is towards Argentina’s continuity and his departure is less, but not all suspense is blurred. As revealed in the middle of the week, Hector Cooper was chosen by FECOFA to lead Leopard until 2023, including participation in the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations qualifying. This was one of the meetings of the members of the (provisional) Executive Committee, determined, recorded and sealed at the federal level and extended to advisors Shabani Nonda and Santos Mutubile.

The last card, Serge Conde?

Our editorial staff learned from the latest news that the Congolese Football Federation’s decision was not passed like a letter to the post office. It is subject to the approval of Serge Conde, the Minister of Sports, who represents the Government of the Republic, where Cooper is bound by the terms of an objective contract. Some federal sources recently announced that the minister had agreed to keep Cooper. Far from that! The head of sports in Congolese is certainly not very mobile in the face of the actions of the technical agency, FECOFA, but he has not yet endorsed his decision. According to the clause, the suspense remains, even if we know at the same time that the Cooper contract was implicitly renewed. In addition, Serge Konde can move the line.

The minister faced his responsibility.

Should Serge Conde support Cooper’s choice after the leopard struggles in the World Cup qualifiers? What are the real benefits of maintaining Hector Cooper? So far, no one has revealed why Argentina should continue. His tactical limits, criticized by his own players and the entire sports world, are clearly not considered by FECOFA. Odd!

“”The Minister should not tolerate this choice. Cooper was in short supply and everyone saw it. You have to find another coach with more personality and know-how. He taught me the wise members of Congolese football who were informed of the order of the Cooper files. “The minister is interested in making rational decisions, which is important for his mission. People are skating in all disciplines and all federations in the country, but because football has great hope. Isn’t paying attention to it. And now, if everything is drowning in football, it’s himself at risk. He must understand that the federal people aren’t going to help his success. It’s up to him to take responsibility. “ He added.

The delicacy of the Cooper folder

Since the Congolese and Sports Minister Serge Conde is no longer confident in Cooper, only the procedure for dismissing the Argentines has been complicated, or complicated by the federation and its lethargy. One of the terms of the contract, signed by a former Inter Milan coach, states that he should be dismissed within seven days of being disqualified from the World Cup. Beyond this period, termination of the contract will be considered illegal and will result in financial damages incurred by the Congolese parties. Ten days have passed and FECOFA has not expelled Cooper. Leases are automatically renewed and never published.

Isaac Bashendy