Leopard: “Financial opaque control, slow travel, difficult accommodation, and bad preparation of the team” FECOFA fires a red ball at the sports minister

Almost two weeks after the blunder, disillusionment, and leopard bankruptcy in the 2022 World Cup playoffs, the final voice from the Congolese Football Association tells the story of the events that led to this humiliation. Of a team in the midst of expectations and large resources invested by the Government of the Republic.

In a Joshua Belini podcast, FECOFA Deputy Secretary-General Patou Mangenda revealed the simple serious and disturbing surroundings of the organization and the preparation for this double conflict with the Atlas Lions.

This is the first part of his speech:

Not associated FECOFA: “The ministry has taken over the management of the match, which is a privilege of FECOFA, they have taken over everything. We (the federation) have not touched any circles. Even the programs created with the federation. Never done. They accepted the musicians and raised their awareness from left to right … everything was done by them. “..

DRC endangered the package at Kinshasa: “Let’s talk about the first leg. Did you know that we arrived late at the martyr’s stadium and that the players didn’t have the required warm-up time? The Moroccans arrived at the stadium. , The leopard bus gets caught in a traffic jam 100 meters or 200 meters from the stadium. Together with Shabani Nonda, we have endangered the package, so let us help the elements of the Republic Guard. (To clear the editor’s note). This is all because some people haven’t taken the usual precautions. “..

The general conclusion was finally ignored: “We held a preparatory meeting. We had budgets to work with each other, but it was the ministry that saved the money.”..

Travel program changes: “According to the coach’s program, the team was scheduled to fly in the evening of the first leg of Casablanca. Everything was planned. The players had to eat at the stadium and from the stadium to the airport. But in the end, nothing was ready. I didn’t even know where the players would put their luggage … Who caused this confusion? When FECOFA organized the match, It never happened. “

“The coach predicted that we would arrive in Casa in the morning, take a break and train on the same day. This is not the case and we lost a day. To us. Had choices and suffered from all of them. They said it was their money, yet that money belongs to the Congolese state, not just the government (alone). “

Slow trip to Casablanca: “You have to arrive in Casablanca at 2am on the 27th (March) and play on the 29th. This was an opportunity to go 100km away and settle down. When you arrive at 2am, the airport The procedure ends at 4 am, 100 km from the direction (Jadida), 1 hour and 30 minutes. The players bend their legs and sit on the bus. They just played a big game, so there is little recovery. 05: We will arrive at Jadida at 30 and take a break and train at 17:00. “

Casablanca does not have a room for some players: “The next day I had to go back to Casablanca for a pre-match training session. It was an additional hour and a half drive. When I got there, there was a player who was in the hall for 45 minutes because there was no room. I’m in a hotel that looks like nothing is ready. The team is playing a World Cup match and some players wait at the hotel to look for a room. Who would you like to make fun of? That’s a joke. There are many hotels in Casablanca … “

Part 2 to follow!