Lidl will satisfy people with the return of best-selling devices at low prices.

The shocking news of Lidl. This is the latest, best-selling device at a low price that is unanimous among customers.

Lidl: A disposable steam mop that cleans 100 m².

When we talk about the XXL steam mop, we don’t exaggerate. The device tank can hold up to 400 ml of water. Enough to allow you to clean 100 square meters without having to recharge it.

Riddle fraud

The power cord is 7 meters long, so it won’t wear out and you can clean every corner of your apartment or home. Two microfiber covers are sold with the broom. Easy to wash. And what is the price? please do not worry. This broom is available from Lidl. It’s only 69.99 euros. A small amount if you know the price of similar devices on the market.

This steam mop is convenient for everyone as it can clean all types of floors. This is mistakenly thought to be possible only with tiling. However, the parquet floor reacts very well to this steam mop: it is not damaged. The power of steam can often be done without the use of toxic and unpleasant cleaning agents. Trust the water and clean the floor effortlessly.

Available on Lidl shelves, this VILEDA steam mop will undoubtedly be a new success. It must be said that the brand knows exactly what the French need. And it takes care of their purchasing power.

Beware of scams

Lidl is a brand that offers great prizes, promotions and games every year. Therefore, some scammers want to scam regular Lidl consumers.

In the emails they send to consumers, they claim they have won money or gifts, and they have to fill out a form quickly to receive a prize.

The price is clearly fictitious. The company quickly noticed and posted the following message on its website: Some customers are victims of fraudulent phone calls and emails from people disguised as Lidl employees. Lidl is not responsible for these calls or emails.

Scammers don’t just send emails. They also call victims saying they are working for Lidl. It’s a way to alleviate their possible mistrust. The caller tells the victim that he has won the voucher and that he needs to call the (premium) number to find a way to get it back.

Lidl managed to convince the French

For many years Lidl was unpopular. The company was cowardly founded in France, but suffers from the reputation of discount stores. Not proven, but a reputation for not being very good because the product is cheap.

As a result, only part of the population goes to these stores. In short, it’s a non-wealthy store where all the savings are important. And since Lidl had established itself as a company offering very attractive prices from the beginning, it was a success without any hassle.

But with time and effective communication skills, the store fills up. Today, everyone is worried about saving money.

And thanks to many ads, consumers know it: Lidl offers French products, brands and high quality food at competitively scary prices (by the way, it’s the overall idea of ​​advertising). am). Inevitably, customers want to be clear, find a store, and never leave.


With the release of the Mister Kitchen robot, Lidl has gained real trust in the market. The food processor was incredibly successful and the consumer feedback was so great that it sold out quickly every time I put it back on the shelf. Lidl intends to maintain this brand image. And with the recent release of Steam Mop, brands know exactly how to please French people.