Life without masks, starting this Monday in cafes, restaurants, cinemas, theaters …

Life without a mask is building a little more ground. After February 2, the harbor is no longer mandatory outdoors. From Monday, February 28th, you will be able to roam your nose in the air in all closed areas covered by your vaccination pass. In other words, cafes, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, museums, trade fairs …

On the other hand, it is maintained in transit and in closed places where vaccine passes are not claimed: at work, local stores, supermarkets, supermarkets, public services …

If the exact date has not been given so far, Olivier Véran has outlined the next step in front of the Senator on February 24th.

Will it be released in mid-March?

Relying on the Scientific Council, the Minister of Health has submitted the hypothesis that all restrictions on the improvement of the three indicators will be lifted. Second, the virus reproduction rate is persistently less than 1 and is a sign of a well-fixed epidemic decline. Finally, the incidence of 300-500 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants. According to the Minister, the Pasteur Institute predicts that these conditions may be met around mid-March.

Olivier Véran also defended the benefits of the vaccine before the Senate investigative committee, while countries such as Denmark, the United Kingdom and Switzerland said goodbye to the QR code. “The Vaccine Pass encouraged some resisters to take the plunge,” he released the numbers. “More than 30,000 primary injections daily from January 8th to 15th. Since then, saffle has decreased. Currently between 7,500 and 9,000, according to the Department of Health.

Olivier Véran stipulates that the “mid-March” vaccine pass will be lifted by several health standards

Burned cats are afraid of cold water

France is not the only country that supports certain cautions. Germany does not expect the limit to end by March 20, and Belgium has no plans to lift the health pass yet. In Italy, people over the age of 50 who have not been vaccinated since February are at risk of fines. And in Austria, vaccination obligations are imposed on all adults from February 4th.

“Civa Piano Vasano”. Look at Denmark and be convinced. On February 1, the Kingdom of Scandinavia was the first country in Europe to lift all anti-Covid restrictions that require wearing a mask like a health pass. And vaccination against Covid-19 could soon become an ancient history, the first in the world. But today, the country has the highest ever reported mortality rate.

As of Monday, February 28, with the advice of the Higher Public Health Council, the government has decided to strengthen the screening system for people with contact cases. They only need to perform one D + 2 test (self-test, antigen test, or PCR test) (that is, two days after noticing contact with a person who tested positive). Until then, three tests, D + 2 and D + 4, were requested on the same day. If the self-test is positive, an antigen or PCR test should be done.

Natalie Van Puller