Like a parade Neymar and Messi, Nantes midfielders overwhelmed… PSG-Our top and flop after Nantes

This Sunday, Neymar Jr and Lionel Messi shined. REUTERS / AMMAR AWAD / AFP / JACK GUEZ

Discover the top and flop after PSG’s 4-0 win over Nantes in Tel Aviv this Sunday to claim their 10th title in the Champions Trophy.


Neymar/Messi, winning ticket

The two former Barcelona players were expected to turn to the start of the season. And even more so without Kylian Mbappe. Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr. were already visible during the preparatory match, but this Sunday they won the Champions Trophy with a win over Nantes in Tel Aviv (4-0). In addition to the goal of a master free kick for the Brazilian and a late penalty, the two players have shown longer legs this summer than they did last season. This time, it is for sure. His playing partner shone with his involvement, his application and his coolness, even as “Nay” overdid it at times. did. A good omen, that’s for sure.

Without Lafon, this note would have been saltier.

On the Nantes side, there are not many reasons to be satisfied. The meeting was entirely in Paris’ favor, despite two big saves from Gigio Donnarumma (19, 90). Speaking of stops, Alban Lafont had an epic parade in front of Hakimi (5th) and especially Messi (44th, 88th) and multiplied them like bread from the promised land. list. Indeed, the Canary Islands score heavily. He would have been even better without him. Note that Ludovic Blas is probably the best Nantes player in the game and he was good enough.

Convincing PSG

Convince or win? PSG chose not to. If it’s wise not to ignite after a match like this in Midsummer, it’s very fair to note that Red and Blue made a very clean copy as a whole. The group lives well, it shows and feels. The Galtier players shined through their collective presentation and willingness to work for each other, even though they had several holes in their racquets in transition. Please return the items to Caesar. This Paris Saint-Germain offers great prospects for the future. Obviously, this should be confirmed. How to start L1 next Saturday at Clermont Field?


Beyond the Nantes Environment

The doublet, composed by Pedro Chirivella and Moussa Sissoko, is quite attractive on paper. On Sunday night, the reality was much different… His two midfielders from Nantes took the bros against Parisian ball-thief tandem Vitinha and Marco Verratti. There were no photos. Especially when his three-man defense boys like Lionel Messi, Neymar, Pablo Sarabia and even Marquinhos come to bring his two cents to the heart of the game…”We played against a very big PSG.Any team would have suffered against this PSG of his … complicated and two (middle), we suffered“, Sissoko agrees to qualify for PSG on Amazon”demon“.

hakimi whistle

Like last year, Achraf Hakimi was whistled by the Tel Aviv public who criticized the Moroccan representative of Paris SG for showing support for the Palestinian cause. Not gorgeous…

Castelletto, double penalty

Like the rest of Nantes’ defense, Jean-Charles Castellet suffered on Sunday night. Most of all, he committed the irrevocable at the end of the meeting, attempting a tango step with Neymar. The referee did not hesitate to designate the penalty spot and took a red card out of his pocket (81st). Two troubles for a Nantes defender who left a small buddy in his ten for his last ten minutes of the match…).