Like Ashleigh Barty, these champions announced the end of their career when the future was theirs

Ashleigh Barty surprised everyone on Wednesday, March 23, by announcing his retirement on just 25 days, two months after winning the Australian Open. In particular, the current number one in the world of women’s tennis is “No longer have physical energy, emotional will, and everything you need to surpass yourself at the highest level“. An overview of these players who left the court when they were among the best on the circuit.

Bjorn Borg, talent and early retirement

In 1983, Iceborg, then 27, officially announced that he would retire from sports. Two years ago, he won the French Open six times and Wimbledon five times in the Grand Slam final against his historic opponent John McEnroe, after losing two times in a row and after the 1981 season. I was already retired.

The Swede, the winner of his first Grand Slam tournament at just 18 years old, told Express in 2011Discovered real life“When he retires”I have been training, eating, playing and sleeping since I was 14 years old.“I confessed to someone who is considered by many to be one of the best players in tennis history.”JI could have won more titles and stayed at the top of the rankings … but I didn’t want to do it anymore“He said at the Paris Match in 2015.. Psychological and physical fatigue is associated with high-level sporting practices comparable to Ashleigh Barty.Physical energy, emotional will, and everything you need to push yourself to the highest level“.

Justine Henin, the first active world to retire n ° 1

At a press conference on May 14, 2008, the Belgians surprisingly announced that she would retire.Rescue and salvation“At the age of 25, the same age as Bertie, she retired as the first active world No. 1 in tennis history. Ten days before the start of Roland Garros, it’s an even more amazing decision, she’s the last. He won three editions and won the Beijing Olympics a few months ago.

Justine Henin said in an interview with West France in 2017:True shortness of breath both physically and mentally“. This premature departure of Wallonia,”Tired of putting everything in the bracket for tennis“It has made it possible to highlight the difficulties that high-level athletes may face and the sacrifices to carry out their sports career.

Away from the professional circuit for over a year, the Belgians have announced their return to the 2010 season. She managed to reach the final of the Australian Open, where she lost to Serena Williams. She was angry with her repeated elbow injuries and retired permanently in January 2011.

Martina Hingis, a genius with a winding career

The youngest Grand Slam tournament winner, Switzerland, who won the Australian Open on January 25, 1997, at just 16 years and 3 months, became the youngest player in tennis history to become number one in the world. 3 months later. After the fifth Grand Slam title at the 1999 Australian Open, young players continued to experience disappointment, losing three times in a row, especially in the Australian tournament finals (2000, 2001, 2002).

2003, 22 years old, who broke all precocious records Announcing such an early retirement.Her problem began with her defeat in the Australian Open 2002 final when she was leading 6-4, 4-0 against Jennifer Capriati, a bad pass that made her completely suspicious. It was, but after that Ankle injury and surgery.

In 2006, Martina Hingis returned to the court and won the Rome tournament in May, achieving a fairly promising “comeback”. After that, she advanced to the quarterfinals at the French Open. His 2007 season then tested positive for the cocaine test in Wimbledon in November. Blame”Filthy and huge accusations“Swiss insists he doesn’t want to”Fight anti-doping authorities“I like to end her career again. Between 2012 and 2017, she managed to return to the doubles circuit before she retired forever.

Kim Clijsters retires before the return of glory

First in the world at the age of 20 in 2003, and the first Grand Slam at the age of 22 at the 2005 US Open Kim Clijsters Announced his retirement on his website May 6, 2007, one month before his 24th birthday. Belgians are particularly fed up with suffering from physical problems with their wrists, and 2004 has already been ruined.

The day she chooses to bow, she is ranked 5th in the world, so the performance is still there, but she can’t accept it anymore: “MI couldn’t play the tennis I wanted because of my injury, and I used to be able to play it.“. But those who didn’t see themselves “Don’t play for more than a couple of years“In 2005, she made her comeback in 2009, which she won’t regret.

Invited to the US Open, Clijsters defeated Williams’ sisters, dismissed Caroline Wozniacki in the final, and won the new semester tournament. Then there are two other majors (US Open 2010, Australian Open 2011). In an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian in 2012, the champion “Great second career“And after his only participation in the Olympic Games in London, he will retire again. Before returning to the age of 37 in 2020, it is not decisive.