Live-Emmanuel Macron will not hold a meeting in Marseille on Saturday

Emmanuel Macron will not hold a meeting in Marseille on Saturday

The president will not finally launch a campaign in Marseille this Saturday, as the moving republic expected.

Emmanuel Macron has increased diplomatic exchanges since Russia invaded Ukraine on Thursday, but Macron’s defeat is still very high after months of false suspension over his candidacy. It was expected.

“At this stage, nothing has been set and everything will be adjusted according to the president’s proceedings and the development of international affairs,” a member of his aides told BFMTV.

Castex meets candidate: Arthaud refuses to add “ridiculous to ridiculous”

The candidate, who has collected more than 300 signatures, is currently in Matignon for a “briefing session” on the Ukrainian crisis.

Only Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who is traveling to Reunion and Nathalie Arthaud, does not exist.

“I didn’t want to add ridicule to the ridicule. (…) Everyone claims Putin is the only invader. I condemn Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, but at the same time I Emphasizes the responsible imperialist forces, NATO, the United States and France in this case, “Judging Putinuvriere’s candidate on BFMTV.

Valerie Pécrès organizes her own “Strategic Defense Council”

Valerie Pécrès is ready to manage the situation in Ukraine if he wins in Elysee. At least that is the message she is trying to convey by organizing a “Strategic Defense Council” in Ukraine at Campaign Headquarters.

Former Defense Ministers such as Michel Arillo Marie, Herve Morin and Gerard Longue, as well as former competitor Michel Barnier, a former Brexit negotiator, will be present.

Christiane Taubila spends a week searching for sponsorships

Christiane Taubila has only collected 128 sponsorships four days after the signature was submitted, but the original seal keeper has never been seen in the media or on a trip to France.

“This week’s proceedings will focus on collecting sponsorships,” his aides told AFP.

Here, we will talk about the difficulties of the Christiane Taubila campaign.

Fabien Roussel toasts with “delicious wine and delicious beer” at the Agricultural Show

Fabien Roussel sticks and shows signs after being chosen by some on the left because he thought French gastronomy refers to “delicious meat and good wine”.

The Communist Party candidate, who visited the Agricultural Show, stopped by the brewery and winemaker stalls for a long time and split the tweets that evoked exchanges.

Anne Hidalgo wants an agricultural model that “respects” the environment in front of farmers

Anne Hidalgo is also attending the Agricultural Show this afternoon. This is a mandatory passage for all presidential elections.

Socialist candidates called for a “model of agroecology that respects the environment” to ensure “decent rewards” for farmers.

Valerie Pécrès calls for the end of “Agribashing” at the Agricultural Show

On a trip to the Agricultural Show on Monday, Valerie Pécrès announced her agricultural proposal, especially referring to the “regulations” that would plunge farmers into “bureaucratic hell,” according to her.

She also called for the end of “Agri-Bashing for Agripride Restaurants”.

War in Ukraine: Castex welcomes presidential candidate in Matignon at 3 pm.

Prime Minister Jean Castex will meet with a major presidential candidate in Matignon at 3:00 pm on Monday to hold a meeting to follow up on the conflict in Ukraine. office.

The head of government will be accompanied by Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, Military Minister Florence Parly, and Government spokesman Gabriel Atal.

According to Matignon, only declared candidates who have collected at least 300 sponsorships have been invited.

Marine Le Pen, Valerie Pécrès, Eric Zemmour, Janic Jadot, Fabien Roussel, Nicolas Dupont Aignan, Anne Hidalgo, Jean Lassalle confirm their existence, and Nathalie Arthaud is a candidate for Rutte Uvriere. Arthaud declined the invitation.

Yannick Jadot demands “transparency” in the delivery of weapons to Ukraine

President Jean Castex’s environmental candidate, President Jean Castex, along with other candidates, will ask him for a “normal exercise of transparency” regarding France’s delivery of weapons to Ukraine this Monday afternoon. Deaf reports AFP.

“I think French and French have the right to know what kind of defense weapons we send to Ukraine,” is estimated by environmentalist MEP franceinfo.

“I was one of the first to support and request this kind of cargo, but looking at all the countries of Europe, I think it’s a regular exercise with transparency.” Here, the gun, We are sending ammunition, fuel and anti-tank weapons. Tank weapons, “he claimed.

Asked by the French government for no details on the matter, he replied, “Ask the Prime Minister.”

Ukrainian refugees: Zemur “prefers to be in Poland”

Far-right presidential candidate Eric Zemmour estimated on Monday that the arrival of Ukrainian refugees was at risk of “destabilizing France” and “prefers that they are in Poland” and “we We have to help, “reports Agence France-Presse (AFP).

“I share and understand the feelings towards the Ukrainian population,” but “it is not good to separate such people from their country to destabilize France, which is already overwhelmed by immigrants. “RTL declared by Eric Zemmour.

300,000 Ukrainians have arrived in the EU

So far, 300,000 Ukrainians have arrived in the European Union, according to the European Commission, and half of them have arrived in Poland to escape Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to Warsaw.

“I think the Poles have decided to welcome them all. We think we have to help the Poles welcome them. I hope they are in Poland. They can get home more easily when the war is over, “added the presidential candidate. ..

“We help Poles and the European Commission proposes to lift economic sanctions on the country,” continues Eric Zemmour, but Poland is subject to several fines in the dispute with the European Union. It has become.

Ukraine: Zemur offers to send Sarkozy and Bedrin as messengers

Invited to RTL this Monday morning, the presidential candidate talked about the situation in Ukraine.

“We have to do everything today to calm the game between Ukraine and Russia. Don’t add war to the war. I’m two people to find a solution. We propose to send two French messengers who are respected by the main characters Nikola Sarkozi and Hubert Bedrin. ”Eric Zemmour was developed.

Pecres, Hidalgo, Roussel expected at the Agricultural Show

Despite international news, some presidential candidates will travel to the Agricultural Show on Monday. Valerie Pécrès, Anne Hidalgo and Fabien Roussel will be there in the morning.

In the midst of the war in Ukraine, the presidential election is struggling to exist

Crisis management, sanctions, economic implications: The war in Ukraine disrupts the presidential campaign by imposing international files on candidates while waiting for the official declaration of Emmanuel Macron’s candidacy.

Government spokesman Gabriel Atal said in this “unprecedented situation from an election calendar perspective”, “it can’t be achieved without democratic debate,” amid concerns about skipping campaigns. .. “It’s essential,” and “we’ll find a way it can withstand,” he tried to reassure the French Inter.

For former President Francois Hollande, the campaign was argued that “it will not be stopped, but it will be forced,” and “naturally, it is a far more international issue than economic and social themes. about”.

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