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“I’m not for class struggle”

“I protect my boss from payroll tax increases because they think they’re already too heavy to grow, grow, prosper, or even just live in our business. . Inheritance tax, production tax, corporate tax.

I’m not for class struggle, but for class gatherings. So I protect, but at the same time raise wages with all the steps I have taken, without increasing the weight of the social burden. “

Eric Zemmour wants to lose French nationality “all delinquent dual citizens”

Eric Zemmour was convinced he did not want to abolish dual citizenship if he was elected. “I am against the principle of dual citizenship, but I would like to be able to expel all misconduct and criminal aliens from France. Then I would like to lose French nationality. All Misconduct and criminal dual citizens send them back to Algeria or elsewhere. “

“For now, I have dual citizenship for that reason,” he added, ensuring that other dual citizenship did not cause him problems like “French Americans.” ..

Eric Zemmour also supported the French and sought to eliminate foreign access to non-contributory social interests such as RSA.

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“I congratulate the French colonization”

“I don’t think colonization is a crime against humanity. I’m not Emmanuel Macron. All people were colonized and colonized. The Algerians themselves are colonists and I’m from Berber. Was colonized by the Algerian Arabs. I was colonized in France. I repeat. Congratulations on the colonization of France. I was able to come to Paris. D is a wonderful French literature. I visited Chateaubrian, Pascal, and Victor Hugo … I congratulate my colonization, “he claims.

President: “What Emmanuel Macron did on the left side, I do it on the right side,” guarantees Eric Zemmour.

Abused in polls, Eric Zemmour assured that if he reached the second round, it would be a “great event.”

“What Emmanuel Macron did on the left, do it on the right. You’ll find that old stores are useless. If the French want to clutter the political situation and get rid of one of these old stores, it’s great. The cause of the massive abstention, you have to vote for me, “he launched.

Eric Zemmour promises to “continue” after the presidential election

“I’m fighting a fight. I guided it through my articles and books. I was already involved in politics. I’ll continue where I am now. I have a great responsibility now. I have millions of people voting for me on April 10th. I can’t go back. I have 120,000 members. I first meet in the second round of the presidential election. Let’s say it, it’s normal.

“Polsters told me, they were lost”: Eric Zemmour guarantees he will be “second round”

“In the presidential election, anything is possible, especially since people are told that they will participate in the presidential election later and do not know how many abstentions will be. I talked to many pollsters, but everything It’s lost to the truth. They don’t know who will vote (…) I’ll be in the second round, “he guarantees despite the current polls.

“I am one of the intellectual elites of this country.”

“I’m not supported by Mr. Bollor√©. He was my employer for two years, and I thank him for it. I got a lot of audience. My show was 80,000, And when I left it was 800,000, not bad. I think Mr. Bollore was happy to bring a lot, but no support is shown. Watch him give money Did you see him replace him in the reconquest? No.

Yes, I am one of the intellectual elites in this country. I’ve done everything for that since I was 10 years old. That’s exactly what my mother wanted when we lived in the suburbs of Drancy. I had Romain Gary’s mother, she told me you were going to be here, you would be it. And today, from there she looks at me and is proud of me. Yes, I’m one of them, but I disagree with all the other elites.

Then I was a journalist for 30 years. So I’m familiar with the world of journalism and its shortcomings, and blame it much better than strangers. “

RMC Eric Zemmour: “I gave up everything to save France.”

“Yes, I’m one of the intellectual elites. I did everything for that. There was Romain Gary’s mother. She said,” You are here, you will be. ” From there she is proud of me. I am very proud. I worked, sold books, and made money. I have made progress in society through my work. Fight for ideas for France. Previously, I was very comfortable. I gave up everything to save France. I’m not a politician and I don’t have a store to protect. “

Eric Zemmour pleads for stronger control of foreign investment

Regarding RMC, far-right candidate Eric Zemmour called for stronger control of foreign investment in France. “I want more effective management of foreign investment. There are laws that exist except that Bercy does nothing,” he launched.

“Mr. Macron is proud of the capital increase of start-ups today, except that all the significant capital increases of start-ups are done by foreigners, so laws and controls need to be applied. , An American or other company that buys our nuggets. When stealing our know-how, Macron is proud of himself, not me, “he said.

Eric Zemmour believes that French social protection is “obesity”

“We are overtaxed. We are the most taxed people in the world. We have social protection for obesity with over 800 billion social spending. We are Covid. Even before, I have a record of compulsory taxation of 47%. (..) I want to significantly reduce taxes and tariffs. “

“The era of tragedy is back,” guarantees Eric Zemmour, who wants to re-militize France.

Eric Zemmour has called for a major re-militization of France. “We have a good army, but not so many. Especially in order to increase the number of fighters, we need to densify them all.”

“We are in tension again. The era of tragedy is back. We have escaped from eternal peace since 1989,” he added.

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“Putin was a great president in the 2000s.”

“What do you mean when you say’French Putin’? I’m Putin, first a Russian patriot, then a Russian living a miserable life, and a Russian retiree not receiving retirement. After a terrifying decade in the 1990s, he realized that he had straightened his country. He made his country a great and feared force again. Putin was a great president in the 2000s. Today, the situation led to an act of indescribable and blaming him. “

Eric Zemmour believes Americans “reproduce the Cold War”

“Russia has stopped the Cold War. It was the West that brought it back. Americans are recreating the Cold War because they want us to join the democratic crusade against their adversary China. For us, embarking is crazy, and it goes against the whole of France’s strategy since General Dogor is obedient to everyone.

“Europe must solve the problem without foreign intervention,” Eric Zemmour pleads.

Asked about the war in Ukraine, Eric Zemmour spoke to Europe in a single voice, asking him to “solve the problem.” “Europe must solve the problem without foreign intervention, but obviously this is not the purpose of European countries.”

For him, Europe has to speak in one voice and make decisions in one voice.

“In fact, one-voiced Europe is NATO’s second European foot, and nothing else,” he added.

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Eric Zemmour “Abandons” Putin Calling War Crimes

“I give up on qualified people, especially those I would meet if I were elected President of the Republic. War criminals, what does that mean? We bring him to court.” Are you going to judge the nuclear president? Power? I wish you good luck. These are all big words. I immediately blamed this attack. Obviously, there will be more destruction. It is inevitable. He was wrong to attack. He is an attacker and must be blamed. .. “

Eric Zemmour facing “Big Gourds”

This Monday’s RMC and RMC story “Grandes Gueules” event. Presidential candidate Eric Zemmour is a guest at the 10am show. He answers questions from Alain Marshall and Olivier Torchot, civil servant “GG” Zora Bitan, business manager Medi Gezar, and economics teacher Thomas Pocher. See you at RMC 3216!

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