Live-President D-19: Some of the “Big Oral” Presidential Candidates in Front of Hunters

“My goal is the first round”: Jadot refuses to comment on the possibility of the second round between Melenchon and Macron

Asked by a listener at the French Inter on Tuesday morning about his choices in the second round of the Emmanuel Macron-Jean Luc Melenchon poster event, Yannick Jadot refused to position himself. ..

“I’m running a campaign. For now, my goal is the first round,” the environmentalist evacuated.

“If you want us to protect the forests and the sea, if you want us to protect our lives, through this project we will have more social justice, economic innovation and more in our country. If you want to have democracy, it’s an environmentalist voted that you have to choose a sir, “Yannick Jadot kicked.

“I know the second round, but there is no doubt about the first round,” continues Yannick Jadot.

Eric Zemmour wants a “ministry of’migration'”

Eric Zemmour goes one step further in the fight against immigrants on Monday at M6, adding “foreigners we no longer want” and “illegals” to the concept of identity thinking, the “Ministry of” Re-immigrants “”. He said he wanted to be banished. , “Delinquent”, “Criminal” and “File S”.

I want the Ministry of “Migration” and the expulsion of foreigners we no longer want, “declared a far-right candidate on Monday at M6, especially for” illegal “and” secret crimes that no longer exist. ” I want to recover to 2012 or later. “

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For Valerie Pécrès, “It’s right to protect ecology.”

Valérie Pécrès, invited to the National Federation of Hunters, which hosts the Grand Presidential Oral on Tuesday, has become the lead lawyer for environmental protection.

“Hunters, friends of our forest, I don’t choke the countryside to anyone. I believe in rooted ecology. It is often said that EELV monopolizes the defense of ecology. It’s a mistake, it’s the right to protect ecology, “she hammered.

“The progress of EELV is obscured. They say they want to ban weekend hunting, but they want to ban hunting altogether,” LR accused.

LR Deputy Guillaume Larive demands a “new majority” with Macron if Pecres is beaten

LR Deputy Guillaume Larive calls on his party on Tuesday to “build a new majority” with Emmanuel Macron if Valerie Pécrès is eliminated in the first round of the presidential election. Parliamentarians say they believe there is a “strong convergence” between the projects of the two candidates.

“I wish I could put the newsletter of’Nicolas Sarkozy’in the ballot box,” said Yonne’s deputy. point “I will vote fairly for Valerie Pécrès on April 10th,” he said.

“The systematic anti-Macron attitude of the campaign is wrong, because it doesn’t correspond to the reality of a five-year balance sheet with much more subtle nuances, nor to the reality of Emmanuel Macron’s project,” said the adjutant. Criticize. ..

Therefore, “If Valerie Pécrès is eliminated on the night of the first round, I promise Emmanuel Macron will be president again and the Republicans will join the parliament to build a new majority in France.” Guillaume Larivet shows. , The only agent in his group who voted for confidence in Jean Castex in the summer of 2020, in the midst of a health crisis.

Some of the “big oral” presidential candidates in front of hunters

As in 2017, the National Federation of Hunters invited presidential candidates to the National Assembly on Tuesday.

Ecologist Yannick Jadot and rebellious Jean-Luc Melenchon were not invited.

“Two of the key candidates have not been invited. If we don’t extend the suspense, we can infer that they are Jean-Luc Melenchon and Janic Jadot,” said Willy Schlenn of the Hunters Federation. The chairman explained at the opening. meeting.

When Willy Schlenn acknowledged everyone’s “right to be critical of hunting,” he said, “We tell hunting and its millions of practitioners, whether they are just demagogues or not. We carefully omit meeting key stakeholders before seeking an end and refuse to hurt with false excuses, “to hunt in the media,” reports AFP.

Roussel does not attend Zelensky’s speech in Congress for family reasons

Communist Party presidential candidate Fabien Roussel announced on Tuesday that he would not attend Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky’s speech at the parliament scheduled for Wednesday afternoon due to family obligations.

“When Volodymyr Zelensky speaks in parliament on Wednesday, I don’t attend parliament. Don’t consider it a political choice. I suffered from losing my father-in-law and chose to be with my peers. “Our family”, writes Fabien Roussel.

On Monday, Marine Le Pen announced that she would not attend parliament on Wednesday to listen to Volodymyr Zelensky, due to schedule constraints and after declaring “no special praise” to the President of Ukraine. Did.

Faced with the beginning of the controversy, the RN candidate informed her that she would eventually attend after she rocked her schedule.

For Atal, Macron “continues the campaign as much as possible”

Invited to Europe 1 Antenna this Tuesday morning, government spokesman Gabriel Attal provided updates on Emmanuel Macron’s campaign a few days after the river press conference announcing his program.

“Our results are positive,” he assures us, and recalls that the President of the Republic was a candidate for “three weeks.” “It’s normal that he doesn’t do as much as a few-year candidate,” he claims.

Gabriel Atal also argued that Macron was controversial. “He had almost four hours of debate in front of journalists and interacted with the French at Poissy. He will continue the campaign as much as possible. There will be debates with the French,” he claims.

Manuel Valls is a guest of BFMTV-RMC

The former Prime Minister is a guest of BFMTV-RMC on Tuesday, March 22nd.

Marine Le Pen’s guest tonight on BFMTV’s “French Eyes”

The candidate for the National Rally Marine Le Pen will be a guest of the “French Eyes” on BFMTV from 8:50 pm tonight.

War in Ukraine, purchasing power, security, health … she answers questions from French people living in Hénin-Beaumont.

Francois Hollande attends Anne Hidalgo’s conference in Limoges

Former French President Francois Hollande supports the Socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo. The former Prime Minister will also attend a meeting hosted by the Mayor of Paris in Limoges from 6:30 pm this Tuesday.

Great oral of the candidate in front of the hunter

It’s the National Hunters’ Federation’s turn to audition for candidates. Four of them will be personally attending the Maison de la Chimmy in Paris this Tuesday.

• Jean Lassalle speaks from 10:45 am.
• Valerie Pécrès starts at 11:30 am
• Eric Zemmour from 12:15 pm
• Fabien Roussel from 2:30 pm

Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron are represented by supporters.

Emmanuel Macron, Melenchon and Le Penn, who are at the top of their voting intentions, are making progress

According to a new Opinion 2022 poll conducted by the Elabe Institute in collaboration with SFR and L’Express, presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron remains in the lead despite a significant decline (27.5%). Marine Le Pen (20%) and Jean-Luc Melenchon (15%) continued to make progress, while Eric Zemmour and Valerie Pécrès returned (10%).

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